Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Extra Cuteness

The girls have been acting just. so. cute. lately. I have to post about it. Of course, because they are my little lovies, I think most everything they do is adorable.

The hugging just kills me. They love to hug and kiss each other. After their nap on Sunday, they weren't quite awake and Anna decided to throw one of her crying fits. I think she zones out and just forgets why exactly she is crying so she can't stop. So there she was, standing in the middle of the family room, crying. I thought that maybe a hug from Allie would help her and asked Allie if she would give Anna a hug. Poor Allie walks over and leans in trying to hug Anna but Anna just keeps batting her arm at Allie. Now Allie is in tears. We intervened and all was well within a few minutes.

Now I know what you're thinking: How is that cute? Well, last night I repeated the above story to Grammy. The girls were listening to us. Allie walked over and her and Anna shared many hugs. Oh, it was precious.

Whenever we announce that it's time to head upstairs for tubby time or bed time, the girls always grab whatever lovie they want to bring up with them. Last night, Anna came charging at Em with Little Lion in her hand saying, "Em, Lion!" Anna saw Little Lion on the floor and knew that Em would be looking for him.

The girls received some nice books for their birthday and we've decided to keep those as bed time stories. Our new nightly routine has us reading to them on the loveseat in the master bedroom. One of the these books is titled Quiet Bunny. It is about a bunny who wants to make noise like all the other animals and ends up with thumping as his noise.

The other night, after reading Quiet bunny, Rich explained to the girls that we should listen for Quiet Bunny because he lives next door in Liliana's yard. The girls were very pensive and whispered, "Quiet bunny. Leeana's house," a few times. I also thumped my foot on the floor a few times so that they could "hear" Quiet Bunny.

We tried this again last night. I thumped my foot on the floor several times. Rich said, "Shhh. I think I hear Quiet Bunny. Did you hear that?" I was holding Em in my lap at the time. She leaned forward, looked at my feet and announced, "Mommy!"


Wendy said...

Aw!! The hugging is precious, and finding Little Lion for Emily... heart meltingly adorable. Nice try with the bunny thumping, you've got some smart cookies on your hands!

Rachael said...

i love the hugs + kisses between my three too, it is so sweet to watch them comfort one another. well, at least try to anyway.