Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spotlight on ANNA

Anna's annual assessment for Early Invention took place this week. It's called an annual assessment but they perform it twice a year. Go figure. Here are her results:

Self-care - 17 months
Cognition - 19 months
Gross motor - 19 months
Perceptual/fine motor - 21 months
Receptive language - 23 months
Expressive language - 24 months
Social/emotional - 31 months!!!

Anna will be 23 months old next week so based upon the above ratings alone, she would not qualify for EI services. However, she DOES qualify because she has spina bifida. And unfortunately, because of the spina bifida, she scored lower in the self-care category.

Rich and I are extremely happy with Anna's progress; she is really doing fantastic and we are so proud. She is such a sweet, loving little girl. No wonder she scored eight months ahead in the social/emotional category. Makes my eyes water to see my little baby growing up so fast.

I thought I would mention this as well. The two therapists performing the evaluation were super-impressed with the girls' ability to call each other by the correct name. They said that at this age they've seen most twins call each other by the same name without being able to understand that each have their own name.


Twins' proud godmother said...

very beautiful picture !! she's so cute !!

The Beers Family said...

Go ANNA! That's a great evaluation. They are all so cute!

Ellen said...

WOOOHOOO!! What great news!! And she IS just adorable!!


Jeanne said...

Hi Sarah,

What a cute picture!! The girls are all beautiful!!! Great news about Anna's progress!!! If you ever need anything - advice, support about EI, school stuff, etc.. or just a helping hand, just let me know!!


Sarah said...

Aw, thanks everyone! Jeanne - I'm sure we'll be having those preschool conversations soon.

Scott and Jaclyn said...

Stunning eyes. Your girls are gorgeous!

kate said...

That's fantastic! And an adorable picture.

You know, my boys don't call each other by name. They know their own names & know the other's name but they don't use their names when they talk. Go figure...