Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An hour in the life of

This past weekend was our first of warmer weather. I'm dreaming of the day the temperature hits 75 degrees but for now I will have to settle for a high of 61. Saturday started off a bit sunny but the clouds continued to roll in throughout the day so by the time the girls were up from nap and ready for a walk, it was completely overcast with snow still on the ground.

Here's a picture of the part of our property we refer to as "The Meadow." You can see how drab the day was. It wasn't very spring-like at all.

And here are some pre-walk photos:

Em, Anna, Allie.



Em enjoying a cracker.

Here's Rich pushing the triple jogger. EVERY person or group we passed by insisted on stopping to ask about the girls or just to tell us that they are cute.

The real fun started when we returned home to find our neighbors out in their driveway with their little girl, who is about 9 months older than our girls. We get along with our neighbors and Rich and I often comment to each other on what life would be like with one toddler versus three because of our neighbors. For example, there was the day that we returned home to find our neighbor detailing his cars, which included pulling the captain's chairs out of their minivan. I asked Rich when he was going to do that with our van and he replied, "When the girls are eighteen."
The girls were really excited to be runing around outside and playing with someone else's toys but because the yards were a bit muddy, the neighbors were in their driveway only. It seems that that their little girl doesn't run as much as ours do - it could be an age thing - but I'm not that comfortable with our girls on concrete. Anna falls quite often in the house so concrete is definitely not a good idea with her. So of course Allie fell twice. The second time, I didn't see it happen but turned to find her face first on the ground. She had a red mark on her forehead.
I mistakenly thought that by having girls, not boys, we would avoid all these bumps and bruises. Not the case. The other night, Em ran head first into Anna while acting like a crazy baby running around the family room and not looking. If you check out the above picture of Emily, you can see a bruise on her forehead from a push toy accident. Allie's fall didn't leave a bruise, thank goodness, but later that night, when I asked her if she was alright, she pointed to her forehead and said, "boo-boo," and then pointed out the window to the neighbor's driveway.
The girls ran around until we decided to head in a little bit early to feed them dinner. They were not happy at all and our neighbor helped out by carrying Allie over to our house for us. As he was handing her over to Rich, he said, "An hour in the life of." I couldn't have said it better myself.

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