Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

Rich and I have been tossing around a few ideas over the past few weeks (or months.)

1. The fence.
2. Mommy (or Daddy) and Me classes.

Let's discuss the fence first. As I've mentioned before, we desperately need a fence for our yard. I won't say that it's impossible for one adult to corral all three toddlers in the yard but it's dangerous. And tiring. Most of the time only one adult is at home with the girls and I can tell you now that if it's me or Grammy by ourselves, we make no attempt at outdoor playtime. Nope, not me.

Our street is fairly safe but I really don't want to test it out. Then there's the wooded area, the meadow (with steep inclines), rocks and wild animals to contend with. Yes, we've seen Mr. Fox trotting around mid-day looking for lunch. We need a fence.

Even with two adults, it can be tiring. We really need a one to one ratio of adult per toddler. It's getting to the point where I think I might just start inviting friends and family over to visit and then trick them into chasing after one of the girls in the yard. It's good exercise.

Rich and I have scrimped and saved for the past six months and with warm weather around the corner, we made an appointment with The Fence Guy for this past Saturday. The Fence Guy works fast (probably because the only people looking for fences in this economy are those with three crazy toddlers) and dropped off quotes for us yesterday. Because we don't need the fence for privacy, it should be a bit cheaper than some stockade type fencing. In a further effort to save money, I've agreed to black, vinyl-coated chain link against the back. We'd be the only ones to see it and if it saves me $2,000, I'm all for it.

The Fence Guy's quotes were actually fairly reasonable. It's a few thousand dollars more than I would like to spend but I realize that we need to spend it.

On to Mommy and Me classes.... Rich and I have thought about enrolling the girls in some type of gym class. In the very least, it will get them out of the house and give them something different to do. But now we come to the hard part of having triplets - having one on one time. There are some local gymnastics places that have Mommy (or Daddy) and Me type classes. I also found another place that has a gymnastics class, a dance class and they have a pool. So my brilliant idea was to take one to dance class on Saturday morning while Rich spent time with the other two. Rich would then take one to swimming that afternoon. I would take the third one to gymnastics on Sunday morning. Like I said, it was a brilliant idea.

I think we've scrapped the whole Mommy and Me thing for now. Just thinking about that schedule makes me tired. At best, we may investigate taking them swimming but we would need a third adult. Grammy's not volunteering for that open position.


Danielle said...

I'll do it! All you need to do is pay for my return trip airfare every weekend, and I am in!! I hear there are cheap return flights to L.A at the moment for $1200(AUS).... then a flight to wherever you live...how much do you want to invest in your girls learning to swim?

Sarah said...

Aw, thanks Danielle! LOL. I have no idea what the exchange rate for Aus $ is!