Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Sunday

Well, my "Death by triplets" post will have to wait for another night. Tomorrow, perhaps. Instead, here's a mini review of our Sunday afternoon. If you see batches of white on the ground in the background, that is snow that refuses to melt.

I wanted to run the girls around outside yesterday until they reached that magically moment of complete exhaustion that would allow for sleeping without crying. Didn't happen. They were tired though.

Here's Allie watching a plane.

And Em checking out the grass.

Em, Anna and Allie (in the process of blinking.) Em (in the purple pants) has decided that she doesn't like touching the dead, winter grass. Check out her hands.

Allie and Anna enjoying Fishies with Daddy.

Of course, we made our way over to the neighbors' yard after they came out with their little girl.

Here's Allie playing with a Big Girl swing.

It's interesting to watch the girls interact with the little girl next door. Even though she is only 9 months older than them, there is a really big gap in their development at this point. Give it another 2 years and there won't be much of a difference. She's also a singleton with no siblings so I think she is uncomfortable when the three crazy babies take over her toys.

The funniest part of the day was watching the little girl next door in her play house while the girls attempted to play in it as well. Allie would start walking over to go in and little girl would yell, "No baby, stop." Allie would freeze and then slowly take another step. Little girl would yell, "No baby. No baby." Allie would freeze again. I'm learning that my girls are very easy going with other children.

Okay, here's my arty tooty picture of the day.

Mustgetreadyforbed. Allie and Em took turns crying out between midnight and six this morning. When they "cry out," one of us has to go into their room and give them a love. They go back down without a fight, which is great, but we still wake up and have to get up out of bed. It was one of those nights where you don't know if you actually slept or if you thought you were sleeping.

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Pam said...

man, i hope we both get a decent night sleep tonight! good luck!