Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sarah's Savings

Rich and I started off our shopping trip to Target yesterday by splitting up to save time. I took Em and Anna in the stroller over to the baby section while Rich and Allie filled up the shopping cart with food items. I always check out the baby clothes first because you never know what great deals you might find there.

I picked up these cute pants for the girls marked down to $3.50 each. The pants are size 18 months and should be a good fit length-wise for spring. I've been on the look out for inexpensive play pants for when good weather strikes. I don't want to worry about grass stains or rips with their "good" pants.

As I turned the corner to go pick up diapers and rash cream, I ran into a clearance rack. There wasn't much left but out of six boxes of diapers, five of them were size 3 and marked down 50%! I quickly dug my cell phone out of my bag upon realizing that I needed a shopping cart. ASAP. There was no signal on my phone so I had to leave my post and hunt down Rich.

At the first sign of Rich, I yell out, "CODE RED." He, of course, has no idea what I'm talking about. We did manage to snag all five boxes and added two boxes of Pampers - Target was having the sale of buy two boxes, get a free $5 gift card.

I also cleared the clearance shelf of its 50% off diaper rash cream.

(I would like to note why we use the more expensive diapers versus store brands. When the girls were first born, we used the generic brand of diapers from Walmart for quite some time. They were a little stiff but hardly ever leaked. Unfortunately, Anna's bladder and bowel issues cause bad diaper rashes. So bad that her pediatrician has worried about infection. We have found that Pampers and Huggies seem to absorb moisture better. And now with her hernia scars, she needs soft diapers across her lower tummy. I can't believe how bad those scars still look.)

We had a bit of a warm up here today (high 50's) and I really wanted to check out the end of season sales at Carter's and Childrens Place. Plus, we figured the girls wouldn't mind getting out of the house.

I managed to pick up all of this for only $116..

That's 9 pairs of pajamas and 3 skirts from Carter's for $46 (on average less than $4 an item.)

And 6 pairs of fleece pants, 6 fleece hoodies and 3 puffy/faux fur vests for $70 (on average less than $5 per item.) The vests ended up costing $9 each so that brings the average up a bit on the fleece items.

All of the Carter's items are for next year and the winter Children's Place items are all in size 3T and 4T so the girls won't be wearing those for a few years. I keep reminding Rich that although it may seem like I'm always buying clothes, we have hardly ever paid full price for anything. And I know that I'm not the only person doing this because I could hardly find anything bigger than size 18 months!!


Jaime said...

You did awesome!!! I'm really impressed with all of the deals you were able to snatch up, especially the diapers! Way to go, momma! :)

kdliberty said...

Great deals! It is always nice to have clothes to pull out when the seasons change. Are there no Kohl's up there? I have a friend who bought her daughters basic winter wardrobe at a Kohl's in March for less then $80. She bought very little the next winter. BTW, I love Target. They like all there boxes to match. Thus, your awesome deal on diapers! -KD

Pam said...

they wear size 3? i never would have guessed.

great scores on the clothes! those pants are so cute. i wonder if i could put the boys in them... (i kid.)

Sarah said...

There is a Kohl's near us but I haven't figured out the best time to jump into a sale and how to accumulate those points, etc. I think I need to check it out.

Yes, still in size 3 diapers!

kdliberty said...

Kohl's posts all there sale flyers online ("Today's ad"). Just like they are in the store. Does it have 2 entry doors or 1? They 2 entrance Kohl's have better clearace. However, both always have a good selection. The store brand clothes are just as nice as the name brand stuff. The Kohl's I shop at is the only store in the area doing well...