Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another not-so-great Anna update

I started composing this post in my mind yesterday morning as I finished getting ready for work. Anna was scheduled to see the pediatrician for a weigh-in as a follow-up to her 18 month well baby visit. You can read about that appointment here. Of course, the girls were still asleep (or so we thought) at 7:25 and Rich decided that he would run in and grab Anna so we would have enough time to feed her before her appointment.

I saw Rich sneak into the girls' room and then I hear Em saying, "Ana. Ana." It was just so cute. In addition to Anna's appointment, we were expecting someone to arrive at the house to look at and hopefully repair the kitchen cabinet that was falling apart and off of the wall.

Anna has been eating so well lately. She LOVES pizza and asks for it at every meal. She's not very picky and I was convinced, absolutely convinced, that she had gained some weight. I was in shock when Rich called to tell me that not only had she not gained any weight but she had lost about a half a pound. Not only has her growth curve stopped curving, but her weight is no longer on the chart. She's in a negative percentile, if there is such a thing.

Now this baby has to have blood taken to check her thyroid and some other things AND she has to see yet another specialist. How much more will she have to go through?? I keep wavering between being concerned at one end and trying to think that it probably isn't a big deal at the other end. I remember when my niece dropped a little bit of weight when she was a year old. It wasn't a big deal. I've been trying to rationalize it out as well. The other two really don't weight THAT much more than Anna. Plus, I honestly believe that she exerts much more energy running around than Allie and Em do.

We have a baby scale that we purchased when the girls were newborns. I tried to weigh all three of them last night before their bath. Allie came in 21.35 pounds. Em wouldn't sit or stand on the scale long enough for it to stabilize but it was bouncing around between 20 and 21 pounds. Anna weighed in at 19.78 pounds.

We have officially kicked off Operation Fat Baby.

And our cabinet was fixed. What a racket that was!


Pam said...

okay, now i see how your girls wear size 3 diapers. :D

hope anna can be fattened up. i wish i could donate some of mine. (that sounds grosser than i mean it to. hmm.)

ohno4kids said...

Have you tried polycose? We have to use that for our triplets.

I can give you more info if you would like


Rachael said...

although they are a bit younger than your girls, my trio are still small as well and still in size 3's. the girls are quite tiny in fact and yet they eat a ton. i hope operation fat baby is a success!

Sarah said...

Oh yes, size 3 diapers not clothes. My goodness, I came home last to find them wearing Carter's outfits in size 9 months from last winter!!!

I'll have to look into the polycose - thanks the suggestion!