Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday's Boo Boos

It seems like almost every night at least one girl is crying when we try to leave their room at night. Last night, it was Em and Anna. I think Anna was exhausted after her ordeal at the doctor's. So I asked them, as I do almost every night, what was wrong. Does something hurt? Show Momma. Are you just tired? I find that even though they can't really communicate exactly what is wrong, they do stop to think about what I'm saying.

I made a comment about Anna having a bad day to the girls and Allie replied with, "Boo boo." What? She repeated it again, "Boo boo. Anna." YES, ANNA HAS A BOO BOO FROM THE DOCTOR. Grammy must have told them that Anna had a boo boo and Allie remembered that all day.

The girls do realize when one of them is missing. For example, if Rich and I carry Allie and Em into the kitchen and put them in their high chairs, they will point to the empty chair and say, "Anna. Anna."

Let's go back to last night before Allie's cute little conversation to bath time. We had Em and Allie in Anna's crib and Anna in Em's crib. Don't ask. We usually just throw them in the cribs to keep them out of trouble while we run the bath water and gather up towels and clothes. Em and Allie decided to use the crib as a trampoline. Em was really jumping up and down and then falling down. Allie, however, was actually practicing basket tosses. (Yes, I am talking about cheerleading.) She would jump up and then land on her behind with both legs out straight in front of her and her arms up at a 45 degree angle. I was a little amazed at how well she was doing it.

I wasn't in the room when it happened but Rich tells me that Em fell back into the side of the crib. This is what I found...

Can you believe this? After all that we went through over the summer to rid ourselves of those crappy recalled Jardine cribs to have this happen. These are Graco cribs too. I refused to trade over to another Jardine crib and look what happened. And yes, you better believe that Graco will be hearing about this come Monday morning. I've actually asked Rich to handle the matter as he is very good at these type of situations. I'll have to post about how he took care of the kitchen cabinet that was falling off of the wall.

We managed to wedge the slat, which wasn't broken, back into place and I wrapped packing tape around the top and bottom. Luckily, this is Anna's crib and she's the least active in the crib and never sleeps over in that corner.

I'm beginning to wonder if we would have been better off with expensive cribs. Does cost reflect quality?

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