Monday, December 15, 2008

Scary (?) Triplet Dolls

Mamaw, my grandmother, picked up these triplet dolls a few years back at a garage sale or yard sale or whatever it is they call those sales out there in Michigan. This was before Rich and I began having babies. She had contemplated adding them to her garage sale merchandise but couldn't bear the thought of the triplets potentially being separated.

For safe keeping, the triplets made their way to Massachusetts in hopes that a great-granddaughter would play with them. And Beth did just that while visiting Grammy. SOMEHOW the triplet dolls ended up in our minivan and my triplets like to carry them into stores when we are out and about.

Rich and I call them The Scary Triplet Dolls.

We always wonder if people we encounter in stores are wondering why the girls are carrying around these dolls.

It IS sort of funny that Mamaw brought these dolls to Grammy before Rich and I even dreamed of having triplets ourselves. Although, we do think that The Scary Triplet Dolls are two girls and a boy BUT they do look identical and the blue outfit has a bow on it. So they could really be three girls.

Here's a cute picture of Allie (who insisted on wearing her hat inside) attempting to reach the dolls while I was taking pictures of them for this post.


Tanna'sTriplets said...

Hmmmm, their eyes are a little creepy!! HEHE

Stephanie said...

AWWWW, I think they're kinda cute. I think it is just the bald head that makes 'em look kinda creepy!

Stephanie said...
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