Saturday, November 15, 2008


When the girls were born, I thought I was going to be one of those parents who didn't allow their kids to watch ANY television except for maybe an hour of PBS a day. I followed through on that for the first year. The girls were not allowed to watch ANY kiddie television. They did, however, get their fair share of HGTV, TLC and VH1.

I had seen how some babies would zone out in front of a Baby Einstein video and I really didn't feel that this was necessary during that part of their development and exploratory phase. I didn't want to introduce television into their little systems too soon. When they were about 14 months old and Rich and I were both back to work, we decided to purchase ONE Baby Einstein DVD and ONE Wiggles DVD for "rainy days."

The girls are now OBSESSED with Baby Einstein and The Wiggles to the point where we have to limit how much they watch. If you say "Baby Einstein" or "The Wiggles," they will run over to the DVD's and start pointing, bouncing up and down, saying "uh uh." It's crazy.

Here's a picture Grammy took one day last month when I wasn't home.

Can you guess what they were doing? That's right. Watching The Wiggles. Grammy tells me that Allie (far right) sat in her chair for the entire DVD! In her defense, she is not a morning person and this was in the morning.

Over the past few weekends, it has come to my attention that they have The Wiggles DVD memorized. One of the songs was near it's end and one of the girls started saying, "Baa baa." Well, two seconds later the song with the bleating lamb came on. I witnessed this event several times.

Rich and I have since purchased ANOTHER Baby Einstein DVD. This one focuses on counting to five. We rationalized that maybe it wouldn't be TOO bad if what they were watching was educational as well. Allie actually repeated the word "two" last week during a viewing session and Em tried to count "onetwothree."

As I try to finish this post, we are watching The Wiggles. The girls didn't nap for long and then Allie fell off of the rocking horse. Oh, well.

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