Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks Giving

I'm thankful for my wonderful husband for being so thoughtful and having this beautiful table arrangement delivered to the house earlier this week for a holiday surprise.

I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who hauled himself out of bed this morning to feed and care for the girls alone while I slept for another two hours. He also took care of the turkey and made sure it was cooking in the oven when it was supposed to be. I came downstairs this morning at 10:00 to find them all watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The girls were actually WATCHING it. Rich also taught them how to say, "Gobblegobblegobble." It was a beautiful sight.

I'm thankful beyond belief for my darling, crazy, playful, loving sweethearts.

(Yes, we had a mini photo session this afternoon. From left to right - Anna, Emily and Allie. I laugh hysterically whenever I look at this picture because Allie, far right, looks so grown up with her arm on my leg and the way she is sitting.)

I am also thankful for Grammy, who watches the girls almost every day, without complaint, and loves them as much as a grammy can love them. And for being our photographer when we need one.

I'm thankful for my warm, cozy family.


Our first attempt at taking pictures of the girls alone ended like this

and this

and then, a short time later, the girls all ran over and sat down together.

Allie, Emily and Anna.

This day is not without sadness though. I don't think it's possible for us to celebrate a holiday without a bit of heartache. We had to take a drive over to the cemetery in order to visit our daughter, Abigail, this morning.


Twins' proud godmother said...

Happy thanksgiving !!
congrats for your beautiful family !!

Twins' proud godmother said...

If you wanna see my blog just send me an email

Sarah said...

Hi "Twins' proud godmother" - I went thru your profile to your blog but it is all in French!! Do you have another blog? In English?

Twins' proud godmother said...

No sorry I'm french !! but this is not the good blog!! the good one is
but it's private, if you wanna see it, just give me your email

Sarah said...

Hi - Just sent you an email. Would love to see your blog.