Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eating and Sleeping

In an effort to assist the girls with their gain weight quest, I have been forced to feed them food items I normally wouldn't. It started on Saturday after a horrible feeding at lunch. Everyone was tired and grumpy. We cleaned them up and put them back into the family room while I cooked a slice of Elio's pizza in the toaster oven. Yes, frozen Elio's pizza. I DID check the box to ensure that it did not contain any trans fat.

I took the plate with the little bite size pieces into the family room and feed the girls piece by piece as they requested it. Anna probably ate half of that slice on her own and between the three of them, they finished it off. This little experiment proved that Anna is a faker with her chewing. If she's eating something that needs to be chewed a lot, like cubed chicken, she chews and chews and then stores it in the side of her mouth. This leads Grammy to believe that she is having trouble chewing.

Well, guess what? She had no problem chewing up that Elio's pizza. No problem at all.

We then decided to give them half of a Klondike ice cream bar after dinner. I took that and cubed it into bite size pieces. Anna INHALED it. I dropped some on her tray and tried to interest the other two into eating some. When I looked back, she had finished so I gave her some more. She shoveled it into her little mouth. Em did quite well and ate some but Allie wasn't too impressed. I don't think she liked the cold aspect of it. She did eat some though.

I completed a full inspection of their mouths last night to determine where we stood on the teething front. Em's last of her first molars is just about all the way through. Thank God! Anna and Allie still have one more breaking through. Allie's looks to be the most painful.

The girls each have a Fisher Price Aquarium in their crib that plays music while fish and water move around. Anna insists on turning hers own when she wakes up no matter what time it is. It can be frustrating for us to hear it at 3:00 am but as long as she has found a way to self-soothe (most of the time) and fall back asleep it's not ALL that bad. Although I was awakened yesterday morning at 5:30 to the wonderful sounds of Go To Sleep.

I hope the girls receive a little bit of a break before their incisors appear. I also need a break. Rich also needs a break. Grammy also needs a break. Anna's Aquarium also needs a break.

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