Saturday, September 20, 2008

Girls Day Out

Well, not really. It was more like Girls Day In. I took Friday off from work to stay at home with the girls. Well, I didn't really "take the day off." Because I worked Labor Day, this day was a freebie.

The girls were good during the morning. I could see that they understood that I was the only adult there and didn't flip out as much when I left the room. We went for a nice long walk before lunch and ran into another Grammy walking her little granddaughter, who is a month younger than the girls. She was familar with the triplets as her husband, who works for the town, has seen my mom out and about with the girls and has chatted with her. Okay, this town is smaller than I thought.
Here are some cute pictures of Em. What's that on her lip? Ummm, it's frosting from a honey bun. Shhhhh. That will be our little secret.

I did have a crazy moment when I considered bringing the girls to the mall by myself. In the Choo Choo Wagon. Like I said it was a Crazy Moment.
Here's morning play time. Notice how everyone is fully clothed.

When Rich arrived home after 6:00 pm, the girls were wearing only their diapers. They decided to have another one of their Vomit Festivals after dinner. Allie became quite angry when I didn't immediately take her out of her high chair. I carried the left overs into the kitchen, covered them and put the bowl in the fridge. Then I grabbed a baby facecloth to wash them off. That's when I hear the gagging.

I found Allie with pear vomit all over her face, hands and clothes. Anna started up then as well. Em was distracted with looking out the window and didn't join in until the end. I had to strip all of them down to their diapers and throw them into the family room. And then, I had to cath Anna. She decided to continue the Vomit Festival on the changing table while I'm cathing her. I can't even yell at them or tell them to stop because that just encourages them.

Grammy wasn't able to help watch the girls yesterday because she was busy with preparations for Patrick's wedding, which was today! Aunt Molly is officially Aunt Molly. We couldn't have asked for better weather and the site was beautiful.

Here's a picture of me with my little niece, Gracie. Not only is she a cutie and very friendly but I'm convinced that she's a Cabbage Patch Kid.

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