Sunday, September 21, 2008

Babysitter Instructions

A variety of Rich's family members took shifts watching the girls yesterday while Rich and I attended Patrick and Molly's wedding. I'll admit that I was a little nervous. Remember - there are three of them and they can act a little crazy at times.

Rich had started to put together a schedule and I "added to it," which means that I retyped the entire thing.


9:30ish – Diaper change before walk.

I would use the triple stroller for a real walk. The Choo Choo Wagon can become cumbersome to pull any further than up and down the street. With either, ESPECIALLY the wagon, you need to keep an eye on them because they will try to get out. In the wagon, they try to stand up.

The high chair trays need to be cleaned after each meal/snack. We DON’T use the kitchen sponge. Just run the tray under warm water and rub dish soap into it.

11:00 – Lunch
Bibs are in the red table in the dining room.
Start with 5 oz bottles of milk with the bottle bungees.
Shaved turkey – break up into small chunks.
Left-over mac & cheese – heat for 20 secs in the microwave. Add a little milk if it seems dry.
Open a small can of peas & carrots. They probably won’t eat more than 1/3 of the can. Heat that portion in the microwave for about 20 secs.
PRUNES - 2 tubs

12:00 – Change diapers
12:15 – NAP
Take off their pants and put them in the sleeveless sleepsacks.
Turn on the sound machine.
Allie sleeps in the crib right in front of the door, Anna is in the middle and Em is on the far right.
Allie needs 2 binkies, Anna – a caterpillar, Em – Little Lion.
All the girls can have a book in their crib. PLEASE NO BLANKETS OR STUFFED ANIMALS besides the ones listed above.
No sweatshirts or hoodies should be worn for nap.
Please listen in over the monitors. They usually chat anywhere from 15 – 30 mins before they fall asleep. If someone starts screaming, please check on them because they do get limbs stuck, etc.
Once they fall asleep, I check on them to make sure that they aren’t sleeping on a book, etc.

2:30 – Snack
Sippie cups of apple juice – undiluted.
Yogurt & prunes. Gerber snack foods in the pantry.
Change diapers

Special Notes:

If Anna does not have wet diapers, Please call us. She is on special medication and we have to cath her. If she isn’t peeing on her own, we will need to come home earlier to take care of it.

Anna can poop a lot. If you smell anything, please check her out.

We usually put a little bit of food on their tray at a time. Watch Anna carefully because she can overstuff her mouth or take too long to chew. If you are unsure, ask her what is in her mouth or ask her to say “Ahhh” and she will show you.

Please make sure the gates are secure at all times. They will try to get out. The rest of the house is not babyproofed. Please do not let them walk on the hardwood floors with socks on – too slippery for them.

If you decide to have them play in the backyard, there should be AT LEAST 2 adults. The girls need to have their shoes on (Anna wears the white pair.) They will try to run out of the yard or play with sticks and rocks.

If someone pukes or their clothes are wet after eating, you can change them. There are baskets of onesies on the lower shelf in the closet. There are pants in baskets on that shelf as well. Those pants fit them – the Carter’s 12 month are too long. There are sweatshirts/fleece hoodies hanging up.

Anna's medicine can cause her to have hot flashes. If her face looks like she has a sunburn, please take off some of her clothes and give her some juice. Keep an eye on her to make sure that she cools down.



So of course, I forgot the most important instruction of all. If one of them comes up to you with their blanket lovey and says, "uh uh," they want you to put it on their head. No one could figure that out which proves my point that they girls have some weird hat thing.

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