Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clothes Hog

Rich and I packed up the girls and made a trip to Babies R Us during a torrential downpour this past weekend in order to pick up baby-proofing items. BRU has become a very dangerous place. I've been having trouble controlling myself as I pass through the clothing displays.

So, of course, I had to buy the following items.

Aren't they so cute? See why I HAD to buy them? Now that my body is deformed, I no longer enjoy purchasing clothes for myself. Buying for the girls is so much more fun.

And yes, I always throw in "but it's on sale" to justify my purchases.

Kind of related so I'm going to throw it in this post. With the girls' schedule, our times for shopping on the weekends are limited so even though we were in the middle of some hurricane remnant rain storm, we HAD to pack up the girls and head out before we missed our window of opportunity. As we were running into the store (me pushing the double stroller and Rich holding Emily and Mr. Floppy), some couple actually stopped their car to gawk at us. Come on folks, are we that much of a freak show?

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