Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Well, Baby!

The girls had their 15-month well-baby check-up with their peditrician this morning. They will be 16-months old next week. Grammy and Aunt Molly came along to assist me because as you can imagine, I need lots of assisting. I made somewhat of a bad call when I decided that we could each just carry in a baby. No strollers needed. It was raining and the thought of dragging a stroller in and out of the van and in and out of the doctor's office was not too appealing. I didn't take into account that I would have to fill out paperwork for three babies, give new insurance information, pay co-payments and make their next appointment while holding a baby.

We started off the exams with Emily. Emily is Momma's Girl and very fussy and clingy especially while teething. Have I mentioned that their molars are coming in? Emily does okay. Some crying. We move on to Anna. Anna is very good. Only a little bit of crying. I told Dr. that I was saving Allie for last because she's very sociable and will be the easiest.

Allie was sociable all right. She SCREAMED her head off and peed all over me. PEE. ALL OVER ME. The front of my sweatshirt, t-shirt and tanktop were completely soaked. I didn't really care much that I had been peed on (again). It just made holding a baby without getting pee on her clothes extremely difficult. Remember, no strollers.

We finally received the results of Allie's and Em's renal ultrasounds from May. For both girls, the opening between the right kidney and bladder was normal. The abnormality that was discovered back in the fall had corrected itself with age.

So here's what you've been waiting for. Heights and weights.

Weight - 19lbs 2oz 5th percentile
Height - 29 1/2" 25th percentile

Weight - 18lbs 14.5oz 3rd percentile
Height - 29 7/8" 25th-50th percentile

Weight - 18lbs 12.5oz 3rd percentile
Height - 29 1/2" 25th percentile

I'll first comment on their heights. There is no way that Anna is taller than the other two. No way. I'm convinced that she stretches out on the table when Dr. is marking her length. She can be a sneaky baby.

Their weights have hovered around the 5th percentile since birth. They are peanuts. My brother called this afternoon because his daughter, Gracie, had her four-month well-baby check-up today. Guess how much she weighs? 14.5 pounds!! Okay, my girls really ARE peanuts.

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