Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Super No-Sleep-Needed Baby

This is Emily Blessing.

These pictures were taken today, Saturday, as we observed Emily's super baby ability to go about her daily activities on hardly any sleep. She was awake last night from 11:30 pm until 4:15 am. Yes, almost five hours. Did she sleep in this morning? Not after she heard Anna crying. Did she take a long nap? Nope - not unless you consider 45 minutes to be long.

She did start to fall apart after dinner and actually fell asleep without crying at bedtime. She HAS to be exhausted. I'm exhausted. Rich is exhausted. Allie and Anna both looked exhausted this morning.

The cause of the Ban on Sleep is undetermined. She has a bottom molar coming in but it looks like the worst of it should be over. She doesn't feel feverish. She's been eating fine and I finally gave her a bottle of milk at 4:00 am in desperation. She fell asleep five minutes later. Rich relayed my concern of her attachment to me. We are afraid that she doesn't want to go back to sleep because she is spending time with Momma. Momma isn't around much these days.


Danielle said...

Oh Sarah, I feel your pain! Those simple words of "I miss my babies" say so much! I know what you are going through - when my eldest two (twin girls, now five) were almost the exact same age as your girls, I went back to work teaching. I only managed to last about four months, before I packed it in, and stayed home with my girls. I used to drop them off at child care, and spend my half an hour drive to school crying my eyes out, that I was leaving my babies, to go and teach someone else's kids. It just didn't seem right. But we needed the money, or so we thought. Well, I don't know how it works over in America, but we soon realised that after I lost my government assistance, and added child care in, I was bringing home an extra $50 a week, and that wasn't including my fuel bill, with the half hour drive every day to and from school! So it didn't take much to convince my partner, that I might as well stay home! It was the best decision I ever made, and have never ever regretted it!

Whether or not this is achievable for you, I don't know, I just wanted you to know that I really feel your pain.... and you are so much tougher than me for sticking it out! I really hope it gets easier for you soon. Life is tough being a working mummy! (Or Mommy, as you yanks say!)

Take care,


Christy said...

Hang in there, Sarah. It's tough being a mommy, whether you work outside the home in addition to being a fulltime mommy or not.

It's only natural and healthy to miss your babies. Give it a couple of weeks and everything will settle down. As my mother says, "This too shall pass." In the meantime try not to be too hard on yourself.