Friday, August 29, 2008

Anna's EI Reassessment

Although Anna automatically qualifies for Early Intervention services due to her "medical diagnosis," she still needs to be reassessed every six months. That happened this past week. We have been really happy with her development and were excited with the results.

Cognition: 14 months
Expressive Language: 15 months
Gross Motor: 15 months
Self Care: 15 months
Perceptual/Fine Motor: 16 months
Receptive Language: 17 months
Social & Emotional: 17/18 months

Anna is currently 16 months old so you can see from her "scores" that she came in above her age range in two categories. For one of the tests, the therapist handed Anna a doll. Before she could even ask, Anna held the doll up to her shoulder and gave her loves. That's my baby.

I try not to place expectations on my children. I really just want them to be happy and enjoy life. So although it is comforting to know that a team of therapists have tested and rated your child and she is doing wonderful, I know that I have a very loving, beautiful little girl. That's all that really matters.

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