Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nonsleepy Em

I am absolutely convinced that Emily snuck out her crib last night after we went to bed, turned on the computer and read my blog post from last night. After some scheming, her plan came together.

2:15 am - Em starts whimpering and crying. I peek through the door and see that she is still laying down. I know that it's related to a bottom molar coming in. She has a bright red circle where her tooth will be.

2:45 am - Rich and I go into the girls' room and I attempt to put Orajel on her gums. I'm holding her while sitting in the glider chair. She's half asleep. I think that if I can numb her gums and rock her, she'll fall back to sleep. I try to get comfortable in the glider with Em and Little Lion.

3:40 am - Rich comes in and points to his wrist. You need to watch the time. I give him a look. She's awake and if I put her in the crib and leave she will flip out. I've already tried it once.

4:05 am - Emily is in her crib almost asleep. Her eyes are shut most of the time. She opens them occasionally to see if I'm still sitting there next to her crib. I run out the door and she sees me leave.

4:20 am - Rich and I have been listening to Em cry for 20 minutes. We decide to intervene after she screams as loud as she can. I've only heard her scream like that a few times. It's ear piercing and full of terror, fear and pain. We give her a dose of Tylenol, which we should have done two hours earlier. Rich decides that we should bring her into our bed. I don't think that it's a good idea but at this point, I'm out of ideas. Em won't lie down in our bed. She has to be on top of me. She's obviously tired but occasionally, she'll pop her head up to point at something or smile at Rich. One time she let go of Little Lion and he tumbled down the side of the bed to the floor. She looked at me and did her oooh ooooh.

5:05 am - I give up. I bring Em back to the nursery. We settle into the glider again. Within two minutes, Em is asleep. Within five minutes, she is out cold. I wait. I'm afraid that if she wakes up as I put her into the crib, I'll never be able to get her back asleep.

5:20 am - I slowly place Em into her crib. She doesn't stir when I put her down and roll her onto her side. I find Little Lion in the floor and put him near her. She was in such a deep sleep, she dropped him and didn't notice.

5:25 am - Rich convinces me to reset the alarm to 6:30 so that I can get an hour of sleep.

So sad that this has been my only time with Em since Sunday. I think part of the reason she kept fighting falling back asleep was because I was there.

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