Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Books in Bed

I left the girls' books in their cribs last night thinking that if one of them was awake early, maybe they would quietly read. I'm nervous about leaving ANYTHING in their cribs. These babies will be using sleepsacks until they are five. I propped the books upright at the ends of the cribs opposite to where they were sleeping.

I went to check in on them at 4 o'clock this morning. Emily was sleeping with her head against the book, which was now wedged between the mattress and the crib spindles. She NEVER sleeps at that end of the crib because of the nightlight, which is really like a spotlight. I was debating on whether to move her and/or the book when she suddenly sat up and opened her eyes. Luckily, she was looking at the book and not at me.

In a moment of panic, I dropped to the floor in an attempt to hide. I love everything about their new cribs except for the fact that there are spindles on all four sides. Their old, recalled cribs had solid ends, which made for perfect hiding spots. You don't know how many times Rich and I ended up crouching behind those cribs waiting for the perfect moment to escape.

I knew that if Em spotted me, I would end up spending my next two hours of sleeping time in a chair with her on me. Then I realized that I had left their door open. An open door to Em means that someone is around and she might start crying. I didn't know what else to do so I jumped up and ran out of the room. I was expecting to hear her cry over the moniter but I only heard her moving around.

I waited until I didn't hear any more moving and then peeked in their door. Em had moved the book to the middle of the crib and was now sleeping with Little Lion at her usual spot. And then I realized that even if I did have to spend some time sleeping with her in the chair, it would be better than not seeing her at all. I haven't been seeing much of my little pumpkins these days.

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Scott & Jaclyn said...

I remember the days of diving for cover when one of them woke up while I was checking on them. It's been so long. Thanks for the reminder... :) btw... your girls are beautiful.