Friday, July 25, 2008


Work wasn't all that great (I try to keep my posts PG rated) this week and the trains have been a mess for the past two days so I thought I would do this post about the girls - my little lovies.

The girls have been doing so many new things lately, including sharing and caring. The other night, Grammy put three sippies with apple juice on the floor. Emily ran over and grabbed two of them. I "reminded" her that she needed to share. She promptly handed one over to Anna, who was a little late in arriving to the area. The girls also give each other "loves" especially if one is upset.

Allie's favorite word is baby. Yo baby. Ah baby ah. And I believe (crossing my fingers) that Allie has finally forgiven me for returning to work. My little snuggle-bunny has returned!

Anna's BIG update: Can you guess what it is? That's right, she's walking. Sometimes she only makes it a few step. Sometimes a few feet. But she's walking!!

I was informed by Grammy tonight that Anna had to have two time-outs today for hitting her sisters over the head with blocks. Do the girls know what a time-out is? No. But I guess you have to start somewhere.

Em calls EVERYTHING dthd. We think she's trying to say this. She either points to something or holds up a toy and says dthd and we tell her what the real word is.

And that's silly Moonie sucking her toes.

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Ellen said...

WOO HOO we are delighted to read that Anna is walking...BIG STEP!!!!
Joe and Ellen