Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The molars are coming! The molars are coming!

Poor Emily. I've created a Baby Orajel addict. She was being SUPER fussy a few weekends ago and I could clearly see that a front bottom tooth was breaking through. She has already had seven other teeth come in so I couldn't figure out why this one was so much worse. Grammy emailed me the next day while I was working. Emily is cutting a molar.

Through trial and error, we've determined that applying some Baby Orajel on their gums before they go to sleep at night seems to help the best.

Well, now Em waits with her mouth open when she's spots the tube. She tries to suck it off of my finger before I can rub it onto her gums. The other night, I had to pretend I had some on my finger and just rub her gums because she was all worked up wanting more. Allie gladly welcomes the Baby Orajel but a quick rub is enough to satisfy her. And then there's Anna. If she actually lets me rub some on her gums, she makes the funniest face, as if it's the worst taste in the world.
It feels like Anna will be next in line for a molar to appear. Her gums have been really bumpy in that area. Allie's still a little behind. Poor babies.

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