Monday, June 9, 2008

A trip to the mall

Grammy and I decided to head to the mall Friday afternoon with the girls so that I could pick up a few things. Because of the schedule, schedule, schedule, we weren't able to leave the house until 3:30 - the girls needed to be feed and changed after their nap. And yes, they were still wearing their pajamas from the night before.

As we pull into the mall parking lot, I hear Anna vomit. The girls are long past the spit-up phase so I usually don't bring extra clothes with us. I was just going to turn around and go home but Grammy offered to run in and buy Anna another shirt to wear. I gave in and ran into BabyGap to see what I could find.

I was forced to buy a plain white long-sleeved t-shirt for $7.99! And that was ON SALE!! The clothes at BabyGap are super-cute but come on, this is a rip-off.

By the time we actually make it into the mall, I need to run into the bathroom. I get Grammy and the girls settled into an out-of-the-way spot and before I can even take 2 steps some girl asks, "are those triplets?" Oh no, here we go. You see, it is impossible to go anywhere quickly with triplets. Everyone stops you to ask questions or make comments.

Was I able to buy what I needed to buy? No. There was question after question, comment after comment. I ended up having to hold Anna because someone looked at her too long and she started crying. We did meet another triplet mom - her kids are 13 years old.

I did find a pair of pants at the Gap for myself - on sale for $15. Can you now see why I think that the shirt I bought for Anna was over-priced?

Ah, life used to be so simple.

The Cause of Vomit was later determined to be from straining to eat the chest closure of her car seat. Anna!

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