Monday, June 9, 2008

Top Ten

Most recent comments and questions:

10. Wow, you must have been huge!
Thanks for pointing that out.

9. They are so well behaved.
They are actually in a state of shock from all the staring.

8. Are you going to have more?
And that's your business because...?

7. I've never seen triplets.
Well, now you have.

6. Twins?
When they only see two babies in the double stroller - there is another baby!

5. Did you know that you were having triplets?
No, there was a buy 1 get 2 free sale at Labor & Delivery that day.

4. Two girls and a boy? Three boys? Three girls? Are they identical?
They are all wearing pink and they look alike - what do you think?

3. Do you watch that tv show - Jon and Kate plus 8?
Yes, as parents of multiples we are required to.

2. Are those triplets?
No, we just found 3 babies that are the same age and decided to dress them alike.

1. You must have your hands full!


Kris said...

Are you sure you have your hands full? I think when you have your "shirt" made up you should list all your questions. Also you could keep a stack of Jeff Foxworthy "heres your sign" signs for the very bright questions. Like ANYONE could mistake those girly girls for BOYS!!! Heres your sign .....

Jennifer said...

I love your blog. Gives me a chance to see the girls and your posts are hilarious.

And I must add, I love Jon and Kate plus 8.

Pam said...

i just don't get the jon and kate comment, and i get it ALL THE TIME too. hello, they have EIGHT. i have THREE. big difference!

your girls are adorable! i am hatching a plan whereby they marry my boys, and thus all of their children will be genetic siblings.

hope they don't mind younger men...

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone. We had to give my mom her sign

And Pam, there's nothing wrong with younger men!