Sunday, June 22, 2008


Thank goodness I have one baby who actually sleeps. Allie. She's a life saver. I honestly believe that my head would have exploded by now if all three of them slept like Emily.

The girls share a bedroom. There is a crib on one wall, a crib in the middle and a crib on the opposite wall. All in a row. Anna's in the middle.

When we put them down at night, Allie just hangs out in her crib. She plays with her binkies (she sleeps with two of them) or the occasional teething toy. She walks, crawls or rolls around. She laughs or talks. She hardly ever cries.

Emily cries almost every night. Her cries vary between a full out "come and get me now" cry to a puppy whimper.

If Anna cries, she cries. There is no in between.

Saturday morning. 4am. The birds are getting ready to make their annoying appearance. Emily starts screaming. Rich goes in to calm her. That's our new routine. We think that we can maybe trick her into going back to sleep if she doesn't think that I'm around to save her. Three minutes later. Anna. SCREAMING.

Here's the problem. You NEVER EVER want to wake up Anna. She doesn't like to be disturbed. You don't want to mess with her.

I end up taking Em out of her crib and giving her a little something for her teething. She acted like she was sleeping on my shoulder but when I put her back down - WAAHHHH. Rich and I sat in their room next to the cribs FOREVER. They both refused to go back to sleep. They were staring at us because they knew that at some point, we were going to sneak out.

So long story short, we didn't get back to sleep until 6 am. I like to think of it as an hour nap.

Stay positive, Sarah. I'm looking forward to the girls' teenage years. Maybe then I'll be able to sleep in.

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Kris said...

I don't know Sarah .... sounds like you have your hands full ...... :P