Monday, June 23, 2008

The Ball Pit

A few months ago, we bought the girls a baby gym and filled it with balls. We now call it The Ball Pit. It was great at first because we could plop the girls in it and they were stuck there.

About a month ago, Rich was cleaning up in the kitchen while I showered upstairs. He tells me that he popped his head into the family room to check on the girls and he couldn't find Em. Upon further inspection, he found her in The Ball Pit. She managed to climb in on her own. He put the other two girls in there, left the gate open and went back to the kitchen. Next thing he knows, he hears pat, pat, pat. Allie was crawling through the kitchen! She had climbed out on her own to crawl her way to freedom!

So now Allie and Em love climbing in and out. It freaks me out a little because I'm afraid they are going to break their necks.

Here's Em climbing out. Grammy is spotting.

We put the couch cushion there to assist. Here's Allie.

I didn't get any pictures but Anna was participating as well. Monkey see - monkey do!

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