Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Question

Okay, I admit it. If I see a mother with twins or triplets, I automatically assume that she had some help in conceiving them. Am I so curious that I would be bold (or rude) enough to ask? Nope.

I'm baffled that strangers find that fact that I have triplets an open invitation to ask personal questions. Um, the last time I checked this wasn't on the list of requirements.

I find that most strangers won't directly ask me "The Question" so they ask other questions in an attempt to figure it out.

Do you have other children?

Did you know that you were having triplets?

Are you going to have other children?

I have had a few brave souls ask "The Question." My favorite was two grandmother-types who asked, "were they, you know, natural?" As opposed to all the unnatural babies out there!

Rich and I think we should turn the tables on these nosey strangers. The next time a woman starts asking me questions about the girls I'm going to ask her if she has children and if she does, does she plan on having more?

What about chatting with a mom and asking HER if she knew she was pregnant with a singleton? Or asking her if she knew she was pregnant? Do people honestly think that if you've had IVF, a doctor is going to tell you from the very beginning of the process that you are pregnant with triplets? Or that, in the year 2007, you would make it to a slice and dice without knowing that there were three babies in there?


Pam said...

yeah, these questions baffle me too. "did you know you were going to have triplets" is one of my favorites. i'm not sure how to answer that. at least, without being v sarcastic and making the other person realize i think they're an idiot for asking. sigh.

Cheryl said...

I have a real good friend with spontaneous twins. She called me irritated because everything she brought the twins out someone asked if they were conceived naturally or how were they conceived. I listened for a bit, then I told her that when someone asks how they were conceived or if it was a natural conception to answer them, 'oh yeah, we conceived them doggy style'... While the question still irritated her, she loves giving that answer... It makes the question asking nosey person embarrassed most of the time :)

Your girls are beautiful.