Monday, May 26, 2008

How dare they??

We live in a fairly quiet neighborhood - considering the number of the kids on the street, of course. At some point this weekend, I look out across the street to my neighbor's driveway and see that they have (gasp) erected a basketball net. Oh nooooo.

I've been listening to thud thud thud for two days now. Their kids are only in elementary school so the parents have been taking turns playing with them. I'm hoping the novelty wears off - quickly. Of course, a thud-thud session took place during today's nap.

It must be the lack of trees so every noise seems to echo into the girls' room. Emily woke up 45 mins into naptime. I had to throw down my sandwich and haul up the stairs to rub her back until she (ahhh) went back to sleep. While I was in there, all I heard was thud thud thud. I considered turning the sound machine up a notch but I'm afraid they'll end up with hearing problems. They need to save their hearing for those future rock concerts - oh my!

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