Monday, March 16, 2020


Quite often, in the evening hours, I sit and wonder where the day went.  It didn't always used to be this way.  I remember those endless afternoons spent roaming around outside with my brothers and the neighborhood kids.  Weekends spent reading book after book.  Watching Lifetime movie after Lifetime movie.  Now there's the morning rush to shepherd the kids off to school, the after school activities, dance classes, appointments, dinner prep, kitchen cleanup.  Blink and the day is gone like a bullet train to the future.

Suddenly, at the end of last week, that train hit its breaks and everything slowed down.  Wednesday afternoon, our public school system canceled upcoming field trips and outings.  Thursday, cancelations for sports and activities began rolling.  A rumor started that our schools were going to shut down for two weeks.  Online drama ensued.  What is your source?  You shouldn't be spreading rumors.  I have a reliable source.  I can't work from home.  Who is going to watch my kids?  Everyone needs to keep their kids at home and not treat this like a vacation.  Anyone up for the trampoline park?  Scroll, refresh.  Scroll, refresh.

Friday afternoon, with the release of school, an announcement was finally made "canceling" school for two weeks.  Teachers were not given any time to prepare for remote learning.  We were left with instructions to keep an eye out for further updates.  It's like someone hit the pause button and no one knows when life will begin moving forward again.

Text messages began pouring in last night after dinner.  School closed until April 7th.  What?  Says who?  Where is this coming from?  Press conference.  Governor Baker.  All Massachusetts schools will remain closed until April 7th.  No gatherings of more than 25 people.  Restaurants are only allowed to provide take-out or delivery services.

Time is now moving at a snail's pace because I want this to be over.  I want it to be May, June, July. . . the future.  I don't like this unknowing.

I consider myself a realist.  I assess the situation for what it is.  Back in January, February, I was flummoxed with the fact that people were still traveling to China, even though the odds of being infected were low.  Look up how many people live in China.  Over a billion.  How many people in China have contracted COVID-19?  Approximately 80,000.  You do the math.

What is the rate of stillbirth in the United States?  1 in 160 births.

How many babies are born in the United States with spina bifida each year?  1,645 babies.

A statistic is just a number until it happens to you.

Both of my parents are high risk.  My brother with an inflammatory disease afflicting his lungs is high risk.  Right now, I'd rather be safe than sorry.


Unknown said...

Long time lurker here - just want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
- Eliza

EmilyRT said...

I'm a planner and I hate not knowing, too. We also haven't had good odds with statistics--a baby boy who almost never made it home from the NICU, three babies gone to Heaven to wait for us, two more little ones here. Health issues for me, financial issues, etc... anything that could go wrong, really, just about has. I feel you there. Praying for things to get back to as normal as they can shortly.

Sometimes I feel like we've already lived through similar when my son was so sick...even though the rest of the world was moving without us, then, instead of everyone doing this with us. It feels kind of surreal.

Aimee said...

It is a scary thing happening at the moment. Here in New Zealand, our Prime Minister announced just this afternoon that as of midnight Wednesday, the whole country is in lock down for a minimum of 4 weeks. Only essential services will be operating - hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets, and petrol stations. Tuesday and Wednesday will bring the shutdown of non-essential shops and places like libraries and museums. So we can still go to the supermarket, but observe the 2 meter rule around other people. We can still go outside for exercise, just stay away from people not in your own household.
It's for the best! Enforced holiday...