Monday, February 4, 2019

How we beat the summer heat at Disney World

There are several reasons why we choose to visit Disney during the summer and the weather is not one of them.  I'm frequently asked how bad the heat is and what we do to deal with it.  Here in New England, we're no strangers to humidity, so it's not like we're transitioning to a completely different environment.  But, yes, it is hotter in Florida.


Ideally, we would love to take trips to Florida in the late fall or early spring, when the weather up here isn't so pleasant and the weather down there is more inviting.  Our school system isn't as strict as others when it comes to pulling your kids out for vacation, but all missed work has to be made up.  This wasn't a big deal when the girls were younger.  It is more difficult to do so now and I know it would stress out the girls, who take school very seriously.  And we don't need any unnecessary stress.  We also have their commitment to dance (they can only miss so many classes) and Rich's work schedule, which always hands us an important meeting during school vacation weeks.  So summer vacation it is!

With each passing year as the girls have become more independent, the heat has become more bearable.  Not unnoticeable, but tolerable, for the most part.  Pushing a loaded double stroller when the real feel temperature is 100 degrees is no joke.

So what do we do to beat the heat?

1.  Cooling Towels 

When Anna told the school nurses we would be vacationing at Disney World in Florida over the summer, they immediately recommended these cooling towels.  We purchased two for our trip and they really did make a difference.

I'm embarrassed to post this blurry phone photo but it's the only one I have of a towel in action.

When we were at Disney in 2016, I didn't see anyone using these cooling towels.  This trip, we saw them everywhere and Disney was even selling them (for a big markup) throughout the parks.

2.  Spray Bottles

I can't take credit for this idea.  The girls and I were shopping at Target for supplies before our trip and Allie pointed to the $2 spray bottles and suggested carrying them around the parks full of cool water.  This was a great idea and worked well.  When one of the girls started to feel too hot, she took out her spray bottle and sprayed herself with a misting of cool water or asked someone else to.  I even used their spray bottles to cool off.  This was a less expensive alternative to the misting fans that are sold in the parks.

3.  Take a Midday Break

If you're staying at a nearby resort, it's easy enough to leave the park and take a break to cool off during the hottest part of the day.  For some guests though, this may not be feasible.  They may not want to eat up the entire afternoon returning to their Airbnb or offsite hotel.  Think outside the box.


Table service and character meals take at least an hour from start to finish.  Guests are actually told to expect character meals to last for at least an hour an half.  We've found booking lunch at a table service/character meal is a great way to cool off.  For example, Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom offers a fun character meal in a cool restaurant.  We always feel refreshed and ready to roll after that break.

Also, think about planning to visit indoor attractions (Carousel of Progress, It's Tough to be a Bug, etc.) during the hottest part of the day, especially when you feel like you need a break.  

4.  Stay Hydrated

I know this is obvious but so many people don't take in enough fluids.  We have had our struggles with this.  The girls carry around water bottles in their bags which helps.  Did you know you can ask for free water at any Disney quick service restaurant?  It won't be bottled water, but it's water.  Drink up!

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Jeannie Bruce said...

One of my biggest tips for anyone going to Disney is to always take your own bottles/cups and ask for Ice Water at any Quick Service Station, it is free, it comes from the pop machines so it is filtered and is a huge money saver.

JENin said...

We went the first weekend of November last year. It was in the low 90's and so hot for us. Epcot was the worst, no shade, especially when we go back to the world showcase. I've heard people complain about Animal Kingdom being hottest, but with all the trees, it wasn't bad.

Bree at Clarity Defined said...

Great tips overall! I have some of those cooling towels that I've gotten at the end of Disney races, but I've never brought them into the parks.

Free water is probably the Disney tip I share most often.

Nancy G. said...

We're headed there in August. I've never been any other time than summer (out of 20 odd trips). It's a special kind of hot, but if you go in knowing you're going to be hot (like wringing out your underwear at the end of the day hot) then it's bearable. I second the spray bottles, I haven't tried the cooling towels. The good thing about the parks is that any indoor space is air conditioned to polar temperatures, so stopping in at a few gift shops is a nice break (expensive, but cool).