Friday, October 12, 2018

Random Current Life Stuff


I cannot hang with these early weekday mornings, and this is coming from someone who had to wake up at or before 6:00 for 30 years.  There have been many mornings after the girls are in school when I've decided to just "rest" for a few minutes and wake up an hour later.



The school year is moving along at a fast pace.  I know everyone hates when people say things like this but I really can't believe we are almost halfway through October.  We've had a lot of rain and/or cloudy days this fall season.  I'm enjoying the scenery for now but absolutely dreading the upcoming cold, especially as I keep reading predictions for a nasty winter.  This, once again, ruins my dream, the dream of all New Englanders. for a school year with no snow days tacked on at the end.


A few weeks ago, Rich's family threw a party to celebrate his mom's 90th birthday.  Sadly, she suffers from dementia so we're not sure how aware she really is.


Allie came up with the idea of performing a special birthday dance for Grandma.  She choreographed it all herself and then taught it to her sisters and their cousin, Paige.  Well, technically, Paige is their cousin's daughter but with a family this big, we don't get technical.  They danced to Happy Birthday by New Kids on the Block because they are my children.  Their performance was a big hit!

So let's talk about Emily's outfit for a minute.


One of the challenges with smaller kids is finding age appropriate clothing in their size.  Obviously, all along, I've avoided clothes that make them look like tiny adults.  We still want to stay away from the too adult inappropriate stuff, but also clothing that's too babyish.  Emily's top and jeans are from Old Navy.  I know a lot of people pooh-pooh Old Navy, calling their clothing wash-and-toss.  We don't wash and toss anything here.  We wash, wear a lot and pass on to cousins.

Her top is size 7/8.  We went up to size 10 in those jeans because they really are skinny.  The boots are from The Children's Place.  We haven't purchased any clothing items from The Children's Place recently due to the meh selection but the boots were good.  Oddly, our Target had hardly any fall shoes for big girls, unlike last year  There were baby/little girls boots, but only two or three for bigger kids.  Kind of a disappointment as that has been our go-to for shoes.

I would (insert one of many) style link for you but I don't participate in those programs so you're on your own, but we have picked up a few cute stylish items from Old Navy for school this fall.  We popped into the outlet store a few weeks ago and found leggings on sale for $4.  Even Target can't beat that price.

Because I drop off and pick up the girls from school, I see a lot of kids.  Sometimes I can't help but pay attention to what they're all wearing, especially the 7th and 8th graders.  Thankfully the kids are only mildly brand focused.  The majority of girls wear black leggings/capris or jeans with tee shirts and hoodies.  Some towns in Massachusetts have girls wearing Burberry in middle school.  Ah, no.


I have been sewing and finally created a separate IG account for this.  It's @sarah_sews_and_sells.  For now, I've been selling on Disney clothing boards.  Or trying to anyway.  It's a tough, over-saturated market out there, just like most everything else.  I don't want to set up a store on etsy due to the fees and other complaints.  Grammy and I are also looking into some craft shows.  I am going to start listing items for sale on the IG account too.





Those all make me wish we had been able to visit Disney closer to Halloween.


So that's all for now.  Happy Friday!



Shannyn said...

i LOVE Old Navy! My 2 year old is hard on his clothes and it's one of the only brands that will last until he outgrows. I also feel like they've stepped up their options in general lately - their workout clothes for adults is wonderful and the price is solid.

Melanie said...

I'm in Michigan and we've had a rainy dreary fall this year and now it's colder than normal on top of it. I am with you, I find myself dreading the coming winter (more every year). I was just crying to my husband today that I want to get out of here (not happening anytime soon).