Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Dance (Kids and Adult) + Running Club

After a brief break in August, dance started back up for the new year at the beginning of September.  I did rejoin the adult tap class, which is slightly different this year.  The warm-ups are more intense from an aerobic standpoint and the instructor does add in extra steps for those who have been tapping for longer.  I like that it's more of a workout.  Part of taking that class is for the workout.  If the studio can find enough people interested, they may add a half hour jazz class to the end of the tap class.  I've already told them I'm in.

It should be noted that I'm campaigning for NKOTB's Step by Step for our recital dance.

[Okay, can we talk about selfies and having others take photos of you by yourself in seemingly odd places.  Now that I'm older, I don't like photos of myself, but I'm trying to get over it.  I wanted a picture of myself at tap class for a few different reasons, but I've been too embarrassed to take one.  Allie went into the studio with me before class and took that photo with my phone.  Ha ha.]

The girls are still on the same competition team.  Some of the older kids were moved up and some newer girls, including a few friends, were added to their team.  All three are also taking tap and ballet.  Emily and Allie are in jazz.  It's a pretty full schedule.

I don't think this is the norm but our middle school does not have organized sports teams for the students.  If you want to play a sport, you need to do so through the town and I believe you're limited to soccer, football, cheer, basketball, baseball and softball.  The school does have many, many clubs which meet after school though.

Emily expressed an interest in the girls running club.  Anna then decided she too was interested.  Emily said it was something she kind of wanted to do herself but then shrugged and moved on.  The stars aligned and running club meets after school on a day that doesn't conflict with dance so both Emily and Anna joined.  Emily's BFF also joined with her.

Running club is somewhat flexible in that you don't have to be running the entire time.  They are even okay with the girls just walking.  The point of the club is to keep the kids active but also give them a chance to socialize with others.  I am slightly concerned with Anna overdoing it because she runs as much as she can with walking breaks thrown in there as needed.  She's exhausted at night.  I give the kid credit though for not allowing spina bifida to slow her down.

The girls were unable to participate in the school play last year because of their commitment to dance and it looks like that will continue to be the case going forward.  It stinks, but you can't be in two places at once and it's not fair to your teammates/fellow cast members.  Plus, both dance and drama take the commitment seriously and will not allow you to skip for another activity/sport.

So that's a quick update.  Lots of physical activity going on here right now.


JEN said...

You're adorable!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I don't know much about SB. Regarding Anna running, is any physical activity something she can improve on, or is she permanently limited in the amount of running/swimming/biking, etc. she can do?

You mentioned she's tired in the evening after running -- can she accidentally injure herself?

Sarah said...

KIm - Yes, she can improve at physical activities like anyone else but she will always have reduced strength and muscle issues. When she's overtired, she can stumble/trip.