Thursday, June 28, 2018

And that's a wrap. Finally!

Last week was the girls' final week of school for the year.  They had the weekend off and then participated in a school camp Monday through Thursday of this week.  This afternoon, to them, was finally the start of summer vacation.  So while the camp wasn't exactly "school" it was supposed to help get them ready for next year because . . .


they will be moving on to middle school.  Bitter and sweet at the same time.  I'm holding on to the thought of how blessed I am to be able to watch them grow up.  I already have a baby who will forever remain a baby so to see these babies turn into little people has been amazing.  And exhausting, but it's been well worth the ride.

We bought this outfit so long ago but she saved it to wear for the graduation celebration.

The end of the school year was packed with activities as each fifth grade class had some sort of presentation/entertainment.  Allie and Emily were in a shared class and they both had to work on a family history project.  Parents (and family members) were invited to view the kids' projects and then they sang and dance and presented what they've learned about other cultures.

Always willing to pose for a test shot.


Their classmates looked thrilled.

Anna's class became rappers.  This was an evening performance with singing and acting which took place on the same night the girls had a dance workshop.  I stupidly did not learn my lesson earlier in the year and decided that there would be enough time (barely!) to make and eat dinner between the workshop and when we had to be to the school.  I have learned my lesson.


Last day of school photo.  I thought it would be cool if the girls wore the same outfits on the first and last days of school   Emily was the only one who would cooperate.


These are always fun photos to take.  (said with sarcasm)


For comparison, first day of school photo.


Back in May, I saw a few moms in other parts of the country discussing summer plans, stating their kids had three months off for the summer.  Not sure if that's an exaggeration but we are far from that.  If we don't count this week as "summer vacation" and we're not, we have two months and Labor Day weekend.  The next two months are filling up fast.  There's a lot going on but I want to try to have plenty of slow days at home too.  It's nice to have that mix of busy/traveling with lazy at home time.


Chantel said...

my kids last day was June 8th, they go back the day after labor day. So, close to 3 months! We don't get nearly the breaks others do...and we didn't have many snow days (just two, which is more than the previous years!) We are in MN.

jeannie bruce said...

We are in Pennsylvania, our school got out late this year on June 5th due to a few snow days. They were supposed to be done on May 31st. We don't have many breaks or days off, and Spring break is only the Thursday, Friday and Monday of Easter weekend. They go back the week before Labor Day so they essentially have 3 months off.

kdliberty said...

The kids here get out the 3rd week in MAY. School starts 1st week in AUGUST. Snow days are built into the calendar made months ago. It weird to hear school is just now getting out.

KimB said...

Emily has clearly grown! The dress is much shorter!