Thursday, May 17, 2018

7 Perfect Polishes for Spring/Summer Nails

Technically, per the calendar, it's currently springtime here but the weather some days is pure summer.  Today, I want to share some of my current favorite nail polishes for this time of year.


1.  Private Weekend - This is still my favorite white, and I'll wear it year-round too.  So if you look at this polish in the bottle, you'll see tiny flecks of glitter.  When painted on nails though, it's not glittery.  The flecks give the polish some dimension and helps the polish last longer.  You all know that glitter polish tends to stay on longer.

2.  Muchi Muchi - A creamy pale baby pink.  I like using this on my toes.

3.  Secret Story - For when you want a pop of color.

4.  Mint Candy Apple - Apparently my bottle of this polish is the old version, which was a formula mistake per a google search.  The color is supposed to be more green, hence the word 'mint' in the name, but this is most definitely blue.  Either way, a nice pastel color and one of Essie's best sellers.

5.  Pre-show Jitters - This is another white with a tiny bit of blush.  You could also call it an extremely pale pink.

6.  Looks to Thrill - I love the color orange and this one is a great shade for summer.

7.  Chalk Talk - This is actually Emily's polish that I like to borrow.  Another version of white polish but this one has a bluish tint to it.  We picked this up at Sally Beauty Supply and I'm able to get a week's worth of wear out of it when paired with Essie's Gel-Setter top coat.

To read about my experience using Essie's gel couture line of polishes, click here.  Both Pre-show Jitters and Looks to Thrill are from the gel couture line.

Some people state how they still cannot get their polish to last more than a few days without chipping even using these new "gel" polishes and top coats  The post I've linked to above offers up what I do to keep my polish from chipping.  What I didn't talk about in that post is keeping your nails clean.  Before I polish my nails, I use a cuticle remover or you can also soak your nails in soapy water.  I then scrape dry skin off of my nails, especially around my cuticles.  I also make sure my nails are clear of lotions, oils, etc. before I paint them.  This helps the polish stick to your nails.  Yes, it takes me a long time to "do my nails" because I'm not just painting them, but the polish isn't chipping after three days.  

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Anonymous said...

I suppose it makes me a snob, but I hate white nail polish. It reminds me of those junior high days when the girls, whose parents said no to makeup, painted their nails with white out.

Sarah said...

I remember when there was only 1 white polish and it was used for french manis only. Funny how it's so trendy now.