Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Old Navy Hits and Misses

We, as in the whole family, hit up Old Navy last week.  I was in need of tops to wear to tap class and I thought Old Navy might have something fairly inexpensive.  Sometimes I walk into a store and I love almost everything I see and other times, I'm highly disappointed.  The girls agreed that for this outing, there was so much to love.  

But back to clothing for tap class.  Back in January, I started off wearing black leggings that I had picked up on sale at Loft.  It's been frigid here and those were just not keeping me warm so I switched to my Under Armour winter running tights.  My running tops right now are yuck because no one sees me when I run and most of the time, I could care less what I wear running. For tap, I'd been wearing a super thin sweater-type top only because it was long enough to cover my bum, which was necessary because of the running tights.  Well, it was necessary for me.

I found this top, which was a perfect fit in XS (true to size!), and because I'm a shorty, it completely covers my bum.  According to my doctor's office, I am now 5 feet, 2.5 inches tall.  My license says I'm 5 feet, 4 inches tall and I'm pretty sure that wasn't a mistake.  Middle age shrinking?  So anyway, my point being that if you're my height, I thought was the perfect length.  It hit my thighs in the right place as well.

Unfortunately, all of the athletic tanks in the store were a complete MISS for me.  I didn't want any sayings across the front so that eliminated quite a few.  The remainder were just far too loose and showed half of my sports bra.  It's like why bother wearing a tank at that point?  There are some decent looking ones online but I really need to try on everything.  For example, I picked up another top like the pink one above in a size XS to try on.  I didn't like how tight it was across my midsection or the overall fit.  I also tried on a sports bra in both a small and a medium and the band on both was so uncomfortably tight, I couldn't wait to take it off.  

Because they were on sale, we picked up some flip flops.  I like to buy inexpensive flip flops as they get dirty so easily.  I usually set aside a pair or two as designated beach flip flops because the beach is usually why they get trashed.  This way I won't destroy all of my flip flops each season.  The girls need new flip flops because their feet have grown.        

These technically are for children but they fit me so I bought a pair.  Lately, I have been obsessed with all things pineapple, flamingo or tropical in nature, possibly due to the never-ending cycle of cold weather we've been experiencing.

Adult shoes I don't need but want:

These are sold out in my size online.

And flamingos!

We picked up these in different colors along with standard flip flops for the girls.


I'm not a huge fan of the quality of Old Navy bathing suits.  The lining feels too thin to me for the girls' bathing suits.  I did buy the following for the girls after close inspection.  I do think the lining issue is more problematic in the lighter color suits.  It's highly unusual for a bathing suit around here (for the kids) to last more than one year even when they don't grow out of it.  The sand, salt, sunblock, chlorine and the sun trash bathing suits and we are constantly at the beach or the pool during the summer. 

Emily picked out this jumpsuit (although I'm pretty sure hers is a different pattern) and she's obsessed with it.  Unfortunately, the girls are just about between sizes now so I won't be buying them much until they move up.  Size M (7/8) at Old Navy is a perfect fit (everything but 1 piece bathing suits) and size L in a lot of things was too big. 

I found this top - I think it looks better on me with the front tucked in.

And these pajama pants were on clearance at the store, but not online.  

(I still wear pajama pants I bought before I met Rich and we've been married for more than 13 years.)  I did size up to a small in these because I like them to be roomy.  I don't like how these are several inches too long but for the price, I'll deal.  I can easily roll them up. 

Last but not least, shorts for Rich.  Sharks!


Christi said...

I've finally learned to stop throwing Old Navy athletic tanks in my cart - even when they are on super clearance. They always show my sports bra and/or have weird arm holes.

I really love the lemon sweater and lemon jammie shorts I picked up. That could be partially because of my need for spring and sunshine. I need to get back over there and check out the spring colored pants. I'm so ready for a spring day!

Kylie said...

I also hit up Old Navy during the 40% off sale for workout top! I'm starting bootcamp in Providence in a few weeks and need more options. Sadly, I didn't love their tanks, either. Probably will end up ordering a bunch off Amazon with the expectation I'll be returning some.

KimB said...

I imagine you have some kick*** thrift stores in Boston. You should try hitting those up. Awesome prices and often very good quality clothing (often brand new or like new.)

Old Navy is sub-par quality, "fast fashion". I just won't go there anymore.