Sunday, February 25, 2018

School Vacation Week

This past week was a school vacation week for the girls.  While we didn't have any "vacation" plans we had several play dates (kids and adults) set up.  I was hoping to catch up with cleaning and then knock out a sewing project or two.  Unfortunately, this did not happen.

On Saturday, we had lunch with some of my family.  My brother, who lives in California, was visiting with his girlfriend, so we all hung out for a bit and the girls played with some of their cousins.  A mini snowstorm rolled through overnight into Sunday but it only dropped five inches, which began to melt right away.  More than half of it was gone by the end of the day.


I finished our tax returns on Sunday.  This is probably the earliest I've had them completed.  Finally, the words that filled my heart with joy:  You don't owe alternative minimum tax.

On Monday, Rich and I headed to Foxwoods Casino with friends for an adults-only day trip.  I enjoy roulette but not necessarily the $10 minimum at the tables.  One of our friends introduced me to the electronic roulette games and I was hooked.  That was my game of choice for the day.  I ended up leaving up $6.  At one point, I had turned my original $20 into $50.  Yes, big gambler here.

That's when the fun ended.  No one was sick before me and no one has been sick since I was so I'm pretty convinced my ailment was food poisoning.  I also have stomach/digestive issues to begin with so who really knows.  It was probably a combination of something and that something left me puking.  This all went down on Tuesday afternoon.  I didn't feel great Monday night and Tuesday morning, I decided to rest when I could.  At 11:00, I threw a load of the girls' clothes into the washing machine and then drove Allie to her friend's house.  I started throwing up at 2:00.  Thankfully, Grammy was home and able to pick up Allie.  For dinner, I had everything for a chicken pie - it just needed to be assembled.  Grammy did that for me as well.  The girls were so concerned with dinner.  "Don't worry," I told them.  "I'll just take care of it in between vomits."  This lead Emily to plead with Grammy.  "No, Grammy.  Please stay!!"  Grammy had to go home and feed Papa and I didn't want to burden her.

The worst part of that day was the fact that Rich had a work meeting that night that he had to attend.  He wasn't going to be home until after the girls were in bed.  Thankfully, they're pretty self-sufficient when they need to be.  I did need to cath Anna a few times though.

It had warmed up to the low 60s on Tuesday.  The only time I was outside was to drop Allie off.  It was 68 degrees on Wednesday and I was stuck in bed.  I was feeling pretty weak in the morning and then ended up with a massive headache in the afternoon due to dehydration and lack of caffeine.  I was in a dark room but when I closed my eyes, all I could see were flashing lights.  The girls were scheduled to sleep over at my brother's house Wednesday night.  He has two girls close in age to my girls.  Grammy was sleeping over in order to watch his kids Thursday while he attended work meetings.  The original plan was for me to bring the girls to his house Wednesday afternoon and we would bring all the kids to the beach.  So that didn't happen.  Grammy swung by and took the girls with her instead.

I was feeling better on Thursday but still not really eating.  My diet consisted of crackers, bananas and toast.  I drove to my brother's house to pick up the girls that afternoon.  It was now 40 degrees with rain, freezing rain and snow.  I stopped by the beach first for a bit.  







View of Boston from my brother's house.

The rest of the week was, thankfully, mainly uneventful.  More play dates for the girls and I caught up on laundry.  It's back to business as usual tomorrow.

I wanted to share a new nail color I ended up liking more than I thought I would.  This is essie's Caviar Bar, a deep inky blue.  I took this photo on day 10 and, as you can see, there are no chips.  Just some wear at the tips of the nails.

I applied it as instructed - no base coat - and used the Gel Couture top coat.  I also added a coat of essie's Good To Go.

Good night!

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Emily said...

I hope you're feeling better and that it was just food poisoning!

Christi said...

my DH had the pretty much the same thing you did - he was sick on the Saturday before you
totally random and came on super suddenly and no one else around had it but when he called the doctor, they told him it was definitely a bug going aroun

he lived on saltines, ginger ale, applesauce for 4 days

I'm glad you are feeling better!

Kelly Cooper said...

I tried the Essie gel polish and top coat like you mentioned a few months ago and mine lasted 5 days before it started chipping. I have no idea how some people get so much life out of it!

Sarah said...

Thank you!

Sarah said...

Christi - Hope your husband is back to good!

Kelly - When you paint your nails, do you get the tips? I find this helps make the polish last longer. I swipe what's left on the brush across the very tip of my nail. I also wear gloves to do the dishes and clean the bathrooms.

Kelly Cooper said...

Sarah - I have but my problem is I like to keep my nails short...long nails drive me crazy. But it doesn't look like you have long nails either? So yes, I've tried but maybe I'll try again. I just did them again last night but did 3 coats and I wonder if that'll make the difference. I also use gloves to do cleaning/dishes as well despite my husband making fun of me :-) Thanks, Sarah!