Monday, November 6, 2017

The Good

I was in a serious funk last week.  I have high expectations for myself (blame it on perfectionism) and tend to compare myself to others when I shouldn't.  Someone out there can relate.  Right?  Last week just felt like the perfect storm of things that make you feel bad about yourself.  Some of it was valid. What if I never met my career potential?  Some of it was not.  I eventually had to disconnect.

But there's good here.  Like the way the girls greet me with a smile every day after school.  That wasn't possible when I was working.  Well, smiles happened, just not with me at the end of the school day.

This year, Anna's classroom has jobs, which is not unusual.  What is different is how the students have to fill out a job application and not everyone receives a job.  (Jobs change over each month.)  Anna has had her heart set on the role of the assistant who answers the phone.  Of course, this is the most coveted job.  She applied for it during the first round and didn't get it.

A few weeks ago, it came time for jobs to turn over and so she came home with a new application.  She was fine when I picked them up from school but when we arrived home, she told me she had a headache and it had started when school ended.  My first thought and fear was that the headache was shunt related.  I encouraged her to rest but she insisted on working on her application.  Her teacher told the class that spending time on their job applications is important and she takes that into account when deciding who to assign roles to.

Anna's headache was mostly gone by bedtime and she had spent a considerable amount of time on her application.  I was sad to hear her state how she didn't think she would get the job this time either.  I try to teach them confidence, but along with most parenting, it's not easy.  A few days later, she came bopping out of school and told me she had gotten the job!  It's such a simple, little thing but my heart felt like it was going to burst.  I was so happy for her.

Dance costumes were revealed last week and I think this may be the best year yet!  My favorite is probably the costume for Allie's and Emily's tap class.  Emily's hip hip costume (overalls!) is super cute this year.  Their ballet costume is sophisticated without looking too grown up.  We have six different costumes this year and I think we're going to love all of them.

Lastly, I finally brought one kid in for an overdue haircut.  I don't trust anyone with the girls' hair aside from my stylist so it's easiest to bring them in one at a time.  Otherwise, someone would be sitting around waiting and this isn't a kid place.  I wanted to bring my camera to the salon but Allie said it would be weird.  I asked her why and she replied, "How would you feel if you were getting your hair cut and a professional photographer was taking pictures?"

She called me a professional photographer.  How sweet is that?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you could do a post on shunt symptoms. With my son, we were given a list og signs,but were also told that there would be no doubt of a problem. Anna's shunt seems to have less clear signs since you often worry for nothing Is this bevause she had a shunt for banies?

Bree at Clarity Defined said...

Smart kid to call you a professional photographer! :)

And congrats to Anna! Could the stress of the application possibly have caused the headache?