Friday, November 17, 2017

Shopping for a dancer? Here's a gift guide!

Dance is discussed and performed daily in our home, so it's no surprise to find many dance related gifts on the girls' wish lists this year.  Gift shopping for a dancer this holiday season?  Here are some ideas straight from dancers and a dance mom.

1. Everything Misty Copeland!  We are a house of Misty fans.  Her story is inspiring and she's a positive person and role model.

2.  Equipment that doesn't take up much space . . .

3.  If you're buying for a girl (or boy) who loves to dance but for whatever reason doesn't/can't attend a dance class, consider a pair of real ballet shoes.

4.  Books, books and books!

5.  Gift cards - Local dance stores, online stores, Amazon.  Dance wear and gear can be expensive and costs add up quickly.

6.  Prepay for dance classes.  I picked up this idea from other dance moms and I have to say, I love it.

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Anonymous said...

I believe in past posts you said the girls have kindles? Is there a way to gift a specific book via the kindle?

Sarah said...

Hi! Yes, you can gift ebooks via Amazon. This link to Amazon give step by step instructions.

Anonymous said...

Oh awesome, thank you!