Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween, this and that

For Halloween this year, we had a witch, a dancer and Marilyn.


I wish I'd had time for more photos, especially with Marilyn.  I swear if that kid wasn't so good at dance, I'd have her in an acting club right now.  The girls had dance early last night so it wasn't too crazy, but really just enough time to eat dinner and get ready.  Not really enough time for photo shoots.  Never mind the fact that the sun sets so early here and trick or treating doesn't start up until 6:00.


Speaking of dinner, Emily or Allie had seen stuffed peppers with pumpkin carved faces on some cooking video for kids and asked if I would do that for Halloween.  Why, sure, I can do that.

I cook the peppers until they basically fall apart when you scoop them out because that's the way I like them.  Here are these two guys in the crock pot.

We went trick or treating around our neighborhood and then the girls took turns handing out candy.  I think they like handing out candy better than trick or treating which is somewhat of a shame because we really don't get many kids in our area.



After taking two weeks off from running because of that cold, or whatever it was/is, I forced myself to get back to it on Monday.  I still feel a bit stuffed up and have had a few coughing spells but I didn't think I needed more time off.  I've decided to start back up with lifting weights again.  So on Monday and today, I ran and lifted.  And did some ab work.

We had a hall tree with a bench hanging out in our basement because it was too big for our front hall.  It had been perfect for our first home, but not this one, so Rich finally sold it.  I had been using the bench part for my tricep kickbacks and Rich told me he would find a real bench for me.  I just wanted a plain flat bench, but he found one where you can use a bar and do leg work.  There's a local gym (not a chain) which is inexpensive and I've heard good things about it.  I've thought of joining but really, I don't mind being at home if I have enough to work with here.  And right now, I do.  I sometimes wish I could go back to my personal trainer.  Man, those were the days.


Christi said...

I am using the Strong app for my strength training. You can set up different routines and it will track what your last weights were, etc.
It's pretty easy to use. I especially like the built-in timer between sets.
And looking back at my progress is pretty neat too!

I also like the Nike Training Club app - it's free with and has a ton of different workouts for strength, flexibility and endurance.

Cute trick or treaters!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Christi. I hadn't thought about using apps. I probably need a built-in timer between sets!