Sunday, September 24, 2017

Goodbye, Summer - Welcome, Fall


It feels ridiculous to even be thinking about autumn when we're in the middle of record breaking heat.  But the calendar says fall, and so we've started up with pretending like it's fall.  Tonight, Allie told me she was going to ask Daddy to pull all the Halloween stuff out from storage next weekend even though it doesn't feel like the right time of year.  I usually enjoy autumn, especially here in New England.  The days are just warm enough, the nights cool but not yet cold.  But autumn is a precursor to winter and you know how much I dread winter.  

We picked apples last weekend because apples don't care how warm it is.  If you wait, there simply won't be any apples left to pick.  My favorite part of apple picking is eating donuts, of course.  

It was humid and foggy.  I told the kids it was spooky apple picking.


The crew.

We had cooler than usual weather for most of the end of August.  It was incredibly cool at night and everyone was loving how you didn't need air conditioning.  The leaves began to change early though.  I took this photo of the trees out front before Jose blew through.


I came across a handful of summer photos I had yet to share so I'm including them here.  We had a very full summer and we were all ready for school to begin again but there's a part of me that wasn't quite ready for the warmer weather to end.  Which I guess is working out, considering it hasn't ended.  Haha.  Some of the photos below were taken at Nauset Beach on a cool, rainy day.  As we sat bundled up watching the ocean, a woman approached us and introduced herself as a blog reader.  She was super nice and I'm so glad she came over and said hi.  That's only the second time that's happened to me.    













I asked the girls to list their favorite adventures/activities from this summer and our Michigan trip came out on top.  


michelle said...

I love that rainbow leaf picture!!!

A. said...

I came up to you awkwardly at the grocery store once, lol. I wasn't sure if it was you, and I cannot imagine the reaction of the person had it not been. Love your blog... Found it a while back while searching the web for Disney tips.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Michelle!

A!!!! You weren't awkward at all. I was completely surprised bc I thought you were going to ask me a question about the milk. Haha. People always ask me questions in the grocery store. Someone had just asked me about banana bread mix so I had that in the back of my mind.

A. said...

Lol! I was shopping w/o my kids, and that particular store isn't my normal grocery store (I live the next town over), so I was totally focused on getting in and out. Have a good day!