Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tutorial: Simple Ballerina Bun

I never thought much of twisting the girls' hair up into buns for dance class until someone at the studio looked at Allie's hair one night and asked me how long it had taken.  "Um, a minute."  This is usually the last thing I do before we run out the door.  The girls don't have to wear buns for ballet, but they usually prefer to.  So here's how I do buns.

What You Need:

  • Hairbrush
  • Hair elastic
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray (optional)

  • Step 1 - Ponytail

    It's as simple as it sounds.  Secure the hair into a ponytail.


    Step 2 - Twist and Twist

    Take the ponytail and twist the hair clockwise.


    Now, as you're twisting the hair, twist it again into a bun shape around the ponytail.  You want to stay in a clockwise direction.


    Step 3 - Pin

    Secure the bun with as several bobby pins.



    That's it! Quick and simple.


    * Dirty hair stays in place better.  We don't worry about this for dance class but if I need to dirty up the girls' hair, I use hairspray and then brush it out.

    * If I need to tame wispy pieces of hair, I use hairspray.  Nothing fancy.

    * If you have more or longer hair, the bun can take on a cone-like shape.  To prevent this from occurring, secure the bun with bobby pins as you're twisting it into the bun - not after you've twisted all the hair into a bun.  Or/also, when you reach the hair at the end of the ponytail, don't twist it too tight or it will push out the hair twisted before it.


    Mary said...

    Great tutorial. My daughter is a dance instructor, and she swears by the sock bun, and has been teaching her students this method since she discovered it. Her school wants hair in buns for all classes.
    Look it up on you tube, and you only need a sock! Preferably one of Rich's. It starts the same way as yours does, with a pony tail. Your girls will be able to do this themselves.

    Bree at Clarity Defined said...

    This is how I put a bun in my hair (still... I sport the ballet bun at work A LOT and since it's work and I'm not dancing, I don't have to use any bobbi pins). When my hair is longer, I sometimes tuck it in on itself to flatten it closer to my head.