Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hello from Michigan

I somehow thought it would be a good idea to leave for Michigan the day after seeing a show at Mohegan Sun, which is located two states away.  Although, one of those states is little Rhode Island.  I often think I can do what I did when I was 27.  I can't.

I decided to break up the 830 mile drive here into two days, making reservations in East Syracuse, NY.  There are a ton of hotels right off of the thruway at Carrier Circle and I'm somewhat familiar with the area.  We left home after lunch, which was the plan all along thankfully because I hadn't packed anything.  I had finished the laundry though.  And cleaned the first floor.

I drove from Massachusetts to Syracuse, which was 300 miles, on Thursday.  The girls and Grammy are with me.  On Friday, we drove the remaining 500+ miles.  I was done about an hour before we arrived at our destination.  It would probably help my back if we made more stops and I walked around and stretched but it's such a long drive, I hate to keep adding time to it.  In total, it took us 14.5 hours to get here, which is pretty good time with three kids.  My brother and his kids drove here straight from Massachusetts yesterday and made it in 13 hours.  He only stopped twice.  (I can't do that.)

We're here visiting family and not hanging around the hotel much so blogging this week may not happen.  We're actually only here for a few more days.  I thought I could write while the kids were swimming in the hotel pool but then my niece called out to my brother, "He's going to drown if he tries to play this game."  The girls had created some game in the pool and my nephew, who is the youngest of the bunch, was playing with them.  So, yeah, not much writing happened after that.

Okay, I need to go to sleep.  I'll be back later!      


JEN said...

waving from Metro Detroit!

JW said...

You stopped in my neck of the woods on the way 😊