Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Falmouth Road Race + Capeing

Rich ran the Falmouth Road Race on Sunday.  Around here, one simply has to say, "I'm running Falmouth," and everyone knows what that is.  This is why we needed to return home from Michigan when we did.  The original plan called for all of us to drive down to the cottage Friday night, less than 24 hours after arriving home from 15 hours of driving.  I didn't want to get back into the van.  Typically, Saturday morning traffic to the Cape is brutal.  Rentals there run from Saturday to Saturday so you'll have day trippers, weekenders and renters all traveling at the same time, which jams up the bridges.  However, the weather wasn't so beachy which we assumed and hoped would reduce the number of travelers Saturday morning.  And it did.  I only hit a traffic within a mile of the bridge.

Rich picked up his number Saturday morning and then we all headed to lunch.  Because the Red Sox beat the Yankees Friday night, we opted to eat at the 99.  Kids eat free the day after the Sox win!  We then made the trek to the cottage and spent some time at the beach.


A big storm had come through the day before, dumping up to six inches of rain on some parts of the Cape.  It also churned up a ton of seaweed and dumped it on the beach.

Checking out a baby crab.



After more than 10 years of watching Falmouth, I've learned that if you cruise into town right before the race starts, you'll miss traffic.  Being late sometimes works in your favor.  I park on the same side street right off of the race route every year and I can always find a place to park and a place to set up camp to watch the race.  Rich left much earlier than we did because rumor had it that the buses would actually be on time this year and he didn't want to mess around.  The girls and I, unfortunately, left a little bit later than we had planned to.  We set up our chairs and consumed a handful of munchkins and then Rich ran by.  We made it by 12 minutes.


The girls and I stayed for another half hour or so to look for other family members who were running.  We then headed to the playground in the town's center which was our meeting spot.  We were in no rush to leave town and then when we did decide to pack up, everything seemed to take longer than it should with bathroom breaks, etc.  There is always traffic after the race.  Always.  But this year it was an absolute nightmare.  After an hour, we had traveled maybe half a mile.  Maybe.  I'm pretty sure it was less than that.  I was low on gas and we would sit in one spot for so long, I started turning the motor off.  Rich said that we dilly dallied for too long but we always do.  I can tell you that I'm never living through that again.  Next time, I'm packing up and immediately driving out of town.  I was actually surprised that people didn't seem to be using Waze, which had no idea streets were shut down for the race.  I combined my knowledge of the area along with Waze and as soon as we could break free, we were able to get around traffic.  

We stopped at Baxter's in Hyannis for a very late lunch.  I had the clam chowder.  It was tasty, as always.


The best time of the year to buy patio furniture is now.  Everything is on clearance.  On the drive back to the cottage, we were able to snag a four piece set for the sunroom for about half price.

And then it was time for the beach.

Crab hunters.




We headed back home yesterday.  Allie had an appointment and we have dates with friends, etc.  Plus, I think we all just want to be at home for a week.  (I know my laundry wants me to be at home.)

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