Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Chatham Light, Cape Cod Rail Trail with video clip



I'm still pushing to name the cottage Serenity Now.  Rich suggested something with run or running in it so I came up with Runaway or Run Away, both of which seem more like names of boats to me.  It appears that the traditional approach is to hang the family name on the cottage.  Most cottages don't have names so it's not necessary, but something fun.



Rich and I have both been running during our days at the cottage.  We don't use anything to track mileage - only stopwatches for time - so it's a bit freeing at times to just go out for a run not knowing what to expect.  It makes the run go by faster when you pick random streets to run on and create new running routes.  I feel like I've been getting a lot of  unintentional hill work in.  It seems like I always find the streets with the those slow inclines.

Those little specks are my family.



Last week, we headed to Chatham Light after dinner to explore.  Unfortunately, it had been an overcast afternoon so the sky became darker much earlier than normal that evening.  It was also very buggy and, somewhat surprising, the beach was pretty crowded.  After hearing the name Brody 3,000 times, I was about to walk over and ask Brody myself to please sit and smile for the photo.





Two things I don't think we'll ever tire of: sunsets and ice cream.




A few weeks ago, we rode about two miles of the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  Anna still relies on training wheels and the nut holding one of the wheels on was loose.  Even though we kept tightening it by hand, it still came loose almost immediately.  We returned last week with the tandem attachment, which we use with Rich's bike.  This allows Anna to ride along with Rich and not have to overexert herself.  My brother and sister-in-law handed this down to us.  Unfortunately, we're going to have to look for a different size as this one is meant for little kids and if Anna attempts to pedal, her knees bang into the handlebars.

We hadn't decided beforehand how far we would bike but Emily kept saying she wanted to do the whole thing.  Mind you, that's 40-something miles round trip.  I would love to do the whole thing one day but right now, that's a lot for a ten year old.  We ended up biking 9.3 miles in total.  At the end, Emily said she's never going that far again.  Come on, kid.  It wasn't that bad.

The Rail Trail is a paved pathway stretching 20-some miles from Dennis to Wellfleet.  At some point, I'd like to present a more detailed description of it.  Of course, this would require more biking and bringing along my camera.  July is the busiest month for tourism on the Cape and when it's a bit cool and cloudy, visitors look for activities aside from the beach.  The Rail Trail is extremely busy on these days and summer weekends.  We parked at the trailhead in Dennis and the parking lot was packed both times.  It's such a nice place to bike though.  We've decided to wait until the end of August when the crowds thin to return.  I took a short video clip during our 9 mile ride.  (Hope this works.)



Colleen said...

No comment I write will convey how much I support naming your cottage Serenity Now. Please have a picture of Jerry Stiller somewhere in the cottage as well. I almost spit out my water laughing when I read that.

Sarah said...

Possible names? Runners High, The RHR, or Second Wind.

karachris1 said...

You might consider a Gator Bar for Anna. It simply picks up the front wheel on her bike. You and Rich would just have a telescoping part connected to your bikes and Anna's bike would have a bracket for you to connect on. This has worked great for our family. We bike often and tend to take day rides at slower paces but our 5 year old still gets tired. So he rides a good portion and then hooks up with mom or dad for a period. I love that the Gator Bar allows them to have the their bike for cool or fun sections of the ride.


adrian faulkner said...

Beautiful photo's sarah!!!

Tracy said...

Well my vote is still Serenity Now. Tell Rich it's either that or Vandalay Industries.

Katie said...

Serenity now, insanity later!