Wednesday, July 19, 2017

(Corporation Beach) Evening beach strolls

I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to post this for three days now.  When we're at the cottage, my time for photo editing and blogging is somewhat limited.  It's a combination of being out and about, yet still having to keep up with cleaning (and sometimes cooking.)  The girls and I had a laid back morning Monday at the cottage because of the fog that was hanging around.  This cottage life is still so new to me that I find it fascinating to watch the fog roll down the street from the ocean.  I also had awakened with a killer headache right in my eyes and then I pulled something in my back shortly after stumbling out of bed, so I really needed to do nothing for a bit.  I sat down to attempt to post this and my mind was foggy.  Blogger's block, perhaps?  Yesterday, we returned home for dance and those days always seem hectic.


So, back to some good stuff.  We really like the food stand at Corporation Beach in Dennis.  There are a ton of picnic tables with beautiful views of the beach and dunes and the food is tasty.  After we cleaned up from an afternoon at the beach, we visited Corporation Beach for dinner and a walk.  The beach shrinks considerably at high tide while low tide provides ample space to run around and there are tide pools are full of little critters.  


All of the items we ordered for dinner were really good except for the clam chowder.  I wouldn't suggest ordering the chowder here as I discovered that it is simply reheated.  It's advertised as Captain Parker's chowder, which I've eaten multiple times at Captain Parker's Pub.  When this chowder was delivered to our table, it was barely lukewarm.  I brought it back up to the counter and was told they would reheat it for me.  They gave me a hot chowder the second time around but it was not anywhere near as tasty as the chowder at Captain Parker's.  Lesson learned.  








  • Parking after 4:00 is free.
  • If a beach is new to you, research beforehand to see if the tide makes a difference.  Tide charts are easy to find online.
  • Get there early if you have little ones to feed.  Picnic tables fill up and it can be a wait for your food.

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