Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Long weekend at the beach

We finally had our first "extended" overnight stay on Cape Cod.  The girls and I attended a baby shower mid-day Saturday and then Allie served at the 4:00 mass.  We packed up the van after church and drove down to Bourne, stopping at The Seafood Shanty to pick up dinner.  The girls wanted to eat at the picnic tables across the street next to the canal.


They have a broth-based chowder, loaded with potatoes and clams.


Super cute sundress on the clearance rack at Target.  Cat and Jack - love this clothing line.

We didn't do anything that night except unpack the van.  Sunday morning, we walked to the bakery around the corner for breakfast and then made a quick trip to the grocery store.


After lunch at the cottage, we headed to the beach at the end of the street.  So far, we really like this beach.  Not only is it super convenient - only a half mile away - but the sand is free from rocks, it has the warm Nantucket Sound water, and there are bathrooms!  Nice bathrooms.  As the wind picked up, the waves increased in size and the girls spent the entire afternoon in the ocean.  





The girls requested that we return to the beach that evening after dinner.  For something different, we drove to Corporation Beach.  I had checked the tide schedule and knew that it would be low tide, which meant the girls could check out the tide pools.  Unfortunately, this isn't the best spot for sunset views.  Someday I'll get my sunset photos.




Nope, not identical at all.

Rich is always awake before us girls so on Monday morning, he went for a run while we slept in.  I also wanted to run and I needed to get some cleaning done.  We're still working on making the cottage feel like home.  Rich took the girls to a different beach while I ran, showered and cleaned.  That was my first run down there and I loved it!  I only ran for about two miles but the time went by so fast.  I'm still trying to build my mileage back up to where it was in the fall before my (very minor) injuries.  After lunch, we returned to the beach.





There is a kid in there.




Not mine.  Oceanfront.

For dinner that night, we decided to check out Arnold's in Eastham.  I had clam chowder (of course) but also some of Allie's lobster roll.  Both were very tasty.  The chowder wasn't loaded with clams but what clams it did have were very tender.  Quality over quantity, I suppose.  There's a really nice 18 hole mini golf place right next to the restaurant.  This was the girls first time playing and, well, we all had fun.  [Tip:  Each kid's meal comes with a coupon for $3 off the $8 mini golf fee.  You can also find a coupon on Arnold's website for $1 off each player (only good before 6:00, not to be combined with other offers.)]




We returned home yesterday after lunch because the girls had dance last night.  There was also dance this afternoon and we had plans with friends this evening.  We're headed back soon.  I was going to write more about what work we've been doing at the cottage but I need to go to bed!


Christi said...

Corporation has the best tidal pools. One of our favorite beaches when we were kids visiting my aunt and uncle in Dennis.

Bree at Clarity Defined said...

Glad "your" beach is a great spot! LOVE that shot of the three girls on the beach!