Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bathroom progress + Sesuit Harbor Cafe

Well, the girls' spring field trips were a bit of a bust this year.  Remember Allie's and Anna's hiking field trip on the hottest day of the year?  Emily's rain or shine zoo field trip was yesterday and I had volunteered to chaperone.  It was 48 degrees and raining.  I came home and had to turn the heat on.  I  was dressed super warm but hadn't brought gloves so my fingers were mostly nonfunctioning when all was said and done.  

The forecast currently shows 92 for next Monday.  Sigh. 

We went down to the cottage on Saturday to check on the bathroom and make sure it was progressing as planned.  Also, the dumpster was scheduled to be picked up this week and we had a few more items to toss into it. 

(Reading Coastal Living) 


That's a photo from Saturday.  I had to go down there today to drop off additional items for the bathroom and so much more has already been finished.  I took another photo but it's still on my camera and I want to post this tonight so another progress photo will be up soon.  We've run into quite a few hiccups with this project, especially regarding the vanity.  I was originally looking for a white vanity but couldn't find one that didn't look like painted plywood.  Keep in mind too that we are trying to keep costs down.  This is a seasonal cottage, not a million dollar beachside home. We stopped at The Home Depot in Hyannis at the beginning of the project and settled on a gray shuttered vanity.  I wasn't in love with the top, but got over it.  We didn't see any on the shelves but our contractor said he could pick up supplies.  Later that night, we went to order one online and couldn't find it listed.  We returned to HD the next week and paid for the vanity, leaving instructions that the contractor would pick it up.  HD calls us a few hours later.  That vanity has been discontinued and is out of stock.  They wouldn't sell us the floor model either.  So we were back to square one.  I found a few in our price range that I liked online, knowing that the contractor could fetch it from the store, but none were in stock and all were listed as limited quantities in their system.  I finally found one with a marble top supposedly "in stock" at a nearby store.  Rich called to place a hold on it and was told that it wasn't actually in stock but would be at the store in a few days.  He went there later that week and was told it was the last one!


One of the reasons I had to go down there today was to check the fit of the vanity in the bathroom.  This vanity is 5 inches longer and 3 inches deeper than the old one (it's also taller) and the guys installing it thought it was a tight fit.  It is tight but it's a seasonal cottage.  The length wasn't a big deal - they were more concerned with the depth.  I explained how it would be more of a headache to try to find another vanity in order to save 3 inches.  I knew it was slightly bigger and to me, 3 inches isn't a deal breaker. 

So back to Saturday.  We didn't stay long.  Interestingly enough, our street was back to being mainly deserted.  On the way home, we stopped for dinner at Sesuit Harbor Cafe.  I'd read positive reviews online and we wanted to check it out.  There are picnic tables set up outside with beautiful views.  The food was good, but the chowder was pricey.  Some of the other items were less expensive here than at, say, Baxter's, so I suppose it evens out.  We checked out a few beaches and explored for a bit before heading home.    











Bree at Clarity Defined said...

One of these days I'm going to have to make a visit to Cape Cod after all these years seeing pictures on your blog. Good luck with the rest of the bathroom remodel!

Mary Evelyn said...

Love seeing the bathroom updates! We're updating our teeny-tiny master right now and chose the same hex tile as you! Love that look. Vanities are super annoying especially in a tight space and we had to get creative with ours too. Can't wait to see the finished product!

JEN said...