Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Current State: Fog

I drove down to the cottage last Thursday hoping for a big cleaning day prior to the demolition of the bathroom.  I felt sort of sluggish from whatever I've been fighting off but I did manage to finish removing all the wallpaper from the only bedroom with wallpaper.  I also met with a landscaper so the day wasn't a complete loss.  At lunch, I drove to the beach at the end of the street and watched the ocean.  Therapeutic, I suppose.  It has become a work break I look forward to.  I could sit there for hours, but I must get back to work!




I decided to embark on a solo expedition on my way home.  It was a chilly day with rain on and off.  Despite the weather, there are always a handful of people at the beach near the cottage.  Most of them are like me, relaxing in their cars, protected from the wind and chill.  There was no one at this beach.  Well, at first there was a woman with a scary looking dog but then they left and I was alone.  I trust my instincts, mostly when it comes to reading people, and I was getting this super creepy feeling in my gut.  I basically ran back to the van and took off.    







More chowder.


And their famous onion rings.

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BreezieGirl said...

Love these quiet, foggy beach scenes :)