Friday, April 14, 2017

I'm from Boston.

I'm from Boston.

I've lived here in Massachusetts my entire life.  I was born in the city.  I graduated from a large university in the city.  I was married here.  This is my home.

I complain about the weather from December to April but I really do like it here.  Although, I may opt to hang out in Florida for the winter during my senior years.

I was raised in a fairly typical Boston Irish Catholic household.  We went to church every Sunday.  We didn't eat meat on Fridays during Lent.  We're frugal and drive old Volvos for years and years and years.  Yes, I did go to a Catholic school, but only for two years.

I like the Red Sox and the Patriots.  Everyone likes the Red Sox and the Patriots.  Even if you don't like the Red Sox and the Patriots, you say you do or someone will kick your ass.

I know one vegetarian and I only know she's a vegetarian because others have told me.  I've never heard her say, "I'm a vegetarian."  I don't know any vegans.

I have never seen any children here in New England dressed in Matilda Jane or smocked clothing.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with either of these, but they're definitely not a New England thing.

We call everyone "guys."  "Come on, guys."  "You guys ready to go?"  "Did you guys decide what you want for dinner?"  Those quotes are exact statements I make to the girls.  But it only works if you are talking directly to them.  So, for example, I would never say, "I'm going to pick up the guys from school."  Got it?  And we don't say "youse guys."  That's a Jersey thing, I think.  Not Boston.

If I were to address a group as dear, sweet friends, it would be aimed towards people I've known near and dear for a really long time.  And even then, that's pushing it.  Don't forget, I'm Boston Irish Catholic. We were taught to not show emotion.  This is why I don't begin my posts with "dear sweet readers" or "good morning, dear readers!"  It would be fake.  We simply do not talk like this.  (I feel like this is a Southern thing.  Am I wrong?)  

I always knew that at some point I would blog less and less about the girls.  There'll always be photos though because of the photographer thing I've got going on.  I never gave much thought to what the future would hold except that I would always keep posting photos.  Without this blog, I have no doubt that my photography skills would not be where they are today.  After I retired last year, I gave some thought to starting over in the blog world with something that wasn't strictly focused on being a mom and having triplets.  You all know that I love to travel, even if it is mainly here in the US, and I really enjoy sharing photographs of our travels along with tips and sometimes trip reports.  I once told Rich that I wanted to have a travel blog and he responded with, "But then you'd have to actually travel."  Real life is that one of us needs to work a 9-to-5 job so any travel is limited to vacation schedules and school calendars.  I can't compete with those who homeschool their kids and Airbnb their homes.

Probably because I have the most time I've ever had in the past ten years to actually think, I've spent time perusing social media and the blog world.  (Sometimes not a good thing.)  One day, I came across a New England blog.  A blog specifically focused on New England.  And then there was another.  And another.  This is a thing and it's kind of what I've got here so that's what I'm going with.  I'm a Boston/New England blogger.  I live here so I suppose I never realized that people from elsewhere would be interested.

Last week, I read a little blurb about a couple on IG who allegedly receive thousands of dollars in ad revenue per photo.  One comment regarding their photos read "but this isn't real life."  A response to this comment was "who cares about real life.  I want to look at pretty pictures."  There's a woman on IG who must spend THOUSANDS of dollars dressing her children.  I'm sure she's not the only one but she pops up frequently.  It's absolutely mind-blowing to me.  (See comment above regarding my frugality.)  But this is why she's popular.  It's not real.  It can't be.  Those outfits are costumes because no one NO ONE in the real world dresses their children like this and then says, "Sure you can paint these Easter eggs."

So no outfits which essentially amount to costumes for my children.  And I hope you understand why I don't call you guys my "dear, sweet readers."


Tracey's Life said...

HAHA Sarah - youse guys is definitely a North Jersey thing! And yes I am from NJ. I think the only reason that I still follow your blog is because it is real. When mine were younger, I read so many "mommy blogs" and quite honestly they made me feel inadequate. I struggled with work, the house, the running around, the juggling etc. and while we enjoyed our life it didn't look anything like some of those blogs.

So yes please, please stay real :)

Carly A. Heitlinger said...

My good friend Alison started a Boston Bloggers group! You should check it out :)

Caroline said...

I'm from Charleston (SC) and I wouldn't be caught dead saying "dear sweet readers," (sounds like a nineteenth century domestic novel) but you're right. It is a Southern thing. Southern ladies like to act sweet in a really strange way.

Smocked clothing might be a southern thing too. I love sweet, plain smocked dresses but not for every day! t's

Anyway, I like your style. All that "sweet readers" stuff is fake and I don't like fake. How much energy must one burn putting on facades? just be real. That's why your blog is special.

Schaefer Clan said...

Haha! Love it! I'm from Boston (born) and went to college (BC- raised Irish Catholic as well, though now I'm a Christian) there, but have moved around a lot. I love your blog because it reminds me of my roots. You are true to yourself and I love the reminders of Boston and even the different nuances I sense thru your writing. And you're spot on in your charicature for the other parts of the country. I really have changed since moving away, but it still makes me laugh to read your blog. A friend recently moved to Attleboro and she just kept posting the funniest stuff, she'd be just totally flaberghasted about Boston drivers, for instance, and say, "is that how people really are there?!" But "being real" is a Boston thing too. For sure. Most of the rest of the country is not. Now we live in a small farm community in the Midwest and local people really say what they think and aren't so afraid to be themselves. It reminds me slightly of that same attitude. Minus the sarcasm. Anyhow, thanks- love you blog!

Erin Burk said...

I don't remember how I found your blog, but I've read for several years. My daughter is 11 and my son is almost 9.5, so I enjoyed seeing your normal posts about different stages of life, although you had it times 3! I'm not from Boston, but worked for a Boston based company and understand the lingo! I don't want "Dear my blog friends!" It feels fake! I'm working to restart my blog and trying to find my voice. Keep doing what you are doing, I love it!

Farah said...

Haha, so, you mean you don't say "y'all"? 😂😂😂 I'm from Georgia, so that's normal for us. However, I am from Atlanta, so I am very far from "country" or "southern". I actually say "you guys" a lot too!

Anonymous said...

I have a very, very big problem with the sponsored bloggers of the world, especially when they use their kids as props to sell something. Your blog is one I keep going back to, again and again, because you keep it real. Your kids are normal happy little girls who dress how they want and play with what they want. Your photos are beautiful - and they're of your life and your world, the same as mine are. Your prose is relatable. I think we'd be friends in real life. I just really appreciate your blog, and I don't comment enough to say it - but I do.

Thanks, Sarah!

Liz (@liz_hawksworth on IG)

Lexi said...

too funny, because I read a blog who puts her home on AirBnB and now home schools ;) butttt yours is way more relatable and enjoyable to read! thanks for sharing about your truth

Jennifer said...

This is fabulous! I moved to the DC area (from Boston) 10+ years ago, but Boston/MA will always be my home. It's where my entire family still lives. I agree with everything you wrote 100%!!

BreezieGirl said...

In California we usually say guys too... although, I've found that lately I prefer y'all and I've never lived anywhere but California (well, aside from that 3 month study abroad in England). I think it came from text communication that leaked into my everyday verbal communication - y'all is shorter that "you guys."

I love learning and seeing your New England life in your blog. :)

I can definitely relate to the Catholic upbringing though (and boy am I happy to not have to worry about my Friday meals now that Lent is over!).