Thursday, March 23, 2017

What a week

So, Allie has pneumonia.

Tuesday felt like it should have been Thursday.  This has been the longest week.

On Monday, we were able to refill Allie's prescription for an inhaler.  She used it Monday afternoon and there was no improvement in her coughing.  I helped her use it again at bedtime with the same results.  While Sunday had been a day of recovery, she seemed to be sliding downhill Monday evening so I brought her to the pediatrician first thing Tuesday morning.  I was shocked when her temperature came in 100.9.  She'd had a fever on Friday and Saturday but I'd stopped checking it Sunday night because she had been getting better and hadn't had a fever since early Saturday afternoon.  She was diagnosed with lower left lobe pneumonia.  It was caught on the early side and she's been on antibiotics, which have aided in her recovery.  I need to bring her back in two weeks for a lung check.

I fully expected the doctor to tell me Allie had a sinus infection, so I'd intended to bring her to school late.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  When we went to pick Anna and Emily up at school, they were surprised that Allie had stayed home and asked what she had.  When I said pneumonia, Anna gasped a little and asked, "Is she going to die?"  No, no, no.  She's going to be fine.

Have I mentioned how we're going to DC for a few days at the end of April?  We have family and friends down there so it will be a combo trip of visiting and sightseeing.  We've been trying to fit in a DC trip for a few years now but the timing never worked with my work schedule.  The girls are at a great age for DC too.  The last time we were there, we visited the zoo and that was about it.  They were just too young to "get it."  So I've been doing some planning, with the girls' input, of course.

On Saturday, as I was caring for a sick Allie, Rich says, "Maybe we should go to Florida instead of DC.  I saw a commercial for Key West the other day and it looked nice and warm."  Five minutes later, I see the same commercial.  What are you trying to do to me?  You better believe that I scoped out this imaginary vacation to the Florida Keys.  We actually would have been able to get a hotel room with points but the airfare was ridiculous.  So DC it is!

I want to thank you all for the kind comments.  It helps me to see things from a different perspective.

TGI (almost) F


Tracey's Life said...

So very sorry Allie is under the weather. Hoping she bounces back soon. DC with kids is amazing. The Metro is a great way to get around. I strongly recommend you consider taking a stroller for Anna, as there is a LOT of walking between museums, monuments and metro stations. If she doesn't need it, then you have a parking spot for "stuff". All the museums and the zoo are free admission. The spy museum which mine loved when they were younger does charge admission, but it is fun. You need a reservation for it though, unless you just get lucky. We found very little in the way of "kid-friendly" restaurants in the vicinity of the museums and ended up eating from lunch trucks which were all over. Save yourself some money and have your own water bottles would be my best advice. Have fun and hope Allie is feeling herself soon

Christi said...

poor Allie! hope she feels better soon.
I thought my DH had pneumonia but it turned out to be the flu - for both of us - last week.

For DC, definitely try to take a Monuments at Night tour. It's a neat way to see all the monuments without driving and parking yourself. The Korean Memorial is my favorite at night. Your girls are at a great age for DC and it won't be too too hot in April either.

Tracy said...

Ah you'll be in my neck of the woods (we live in Northern VA) - my husband works in DC so we don't go in as often as we should, he's over the commute by the weekends and wants to head west towards the mountains/countryside. Have fun, it's an awesome city with so much to do!!